Why Giving Birth Should Be Monitored

Why giving birth should be monitored

I would like to know how you would react in this scenario:

My cousin John and his girlfriend Nicole got engaged last night.

They’re both happy and think of having a baby.

Yet John works at construction 2-3 times per week. Nicole is a nail artist with a non-existent clientele. And they live with John’s parents.

You can understand my surprise when I learned about the baby.

“How will you support the baby man?”

“Well, my parents said they’ll chime in and so will Nicole’s. It’ll all work out!”

I’m 100% sure if they have a child, they’ll doom it from day one.

They rely on their parents now.

But the parents are old.

What’ll happen when they’re no longer around?

Where will John and Nicole live, who’ll chime in and how will they take care of the baby?

If you ask me, I believe in cases like this there should be a “Birth Control Committee”.

It should stop parents like them from having a baby.

And it’s not just parents.

Many people think this way.

They hope and pray to God everything turns out OK.

This is a poor excuse of a mindset.

I won’t get all inspirational to you, so let’s be realistic.

If your finances are abysmall, you don’t hope they’ll become better.

You must change something.

For some, it can be their job.

They might find a better one which gives more money.

For others, it’s not an option.

So what do you do?

You start your own business.

A business that increases your income.

Allows you to support your future kid.

Makes you independent without relying on God or your parents.

Provides you with a solid foundation for when something unspeakable happens and you can’t financially stand on your own feet.

A business like this.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Between you and me, I don’t think things will work out with John.

A couple years ago I made him join thefearlessmomma.

I wanted him to financially stand on his own feet.

Yet it takes two to tango.

He didn’t want to help himself.

How can I be so sure?

He quit after one month. He had just started dating Nicole and they wanted to spend more time together. So he decided that 1-2 hours every day were too big a time commitment.

Are a couple of hours every day such a big deal?


If he wanted to break free from his job, he would’ve found the time needed, don’t you think?

Yet, instead of a solution, he came up with an excuse.

I believe you’re different than him since you read this.

So, I want you to join thefearlessmomma while knowing it’s not as easy as “one minute of work per day”.

What do you think?

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