3 Tips for online success on a shoestring budget

Do you catch yourself thinking that in order to profit like gangbusters online, you need to have a budget of thousands of dollars every month?

What if I told you that it can be done on a shoestring budget?

You see, people make three mistakes that create the illusion only the rich succeed online. That anyone with a mid or low level of income is doomed to mediocre results. And it prevents them from succeeding.

So today, I’m sharing those three mistakes.

And if you’re smart, you’ll avoid them.

1. The land of software confusion

“Yo, what kind of funnel software do you use?”

“Should I buy the Sales Page Ultimate Creator 2016?”

“XYZ guru said that you only need his new plugin for online dominance”.

People overcomplicate software all the time.

Sure there is a place and time for it.

It’ll help you automate your business and spend less time on it every day.

But until you start making good money, stick with what you already have been given.

2. Put your ad budget in one basket.

Google ads.

Facebook ads.

Instagram ads.

All other kinds of ads.

They all have their place.

But don’t spread your ad budget thin. Choose one medium and focus on it until you get huge returns from your efforts. Then, invest part of the extra money on another ad medium. Rinse and repeat.

3. Wank off on social media

This might seem strange.

And you’ll roll your eyes as I explain it.

Still, it bears repeating since you’re doing it.

If you spend more than one hour every day on social media, without doing anything to help your business grow, guess what?

You’re wanking off.

And even worse?

Every hour spent on doing anything else than catapulting your business forward, is an hour wasted.

Stop treating your time like air – it’s not unlimited.

You only have a set amount of time left.

Use it wisely.


Avoid the above mistakes like the plague.

You’ll be able to succeed on a limited budget, while everyone else debates the software of the month.

Of course, there’s an even deadlier mistake.

Heck, if you do this one thing you can have a Trump-like budget, and still, fail.

What’s that?

Being part of a failing opportunity.

This will make sure you waste your time, throw your money in the gutter and feel miserable.

The solution?

Join a worthwhile opportunity.

Then your limited budget won’t be an issue.

And you’ll finally see why you don’t have to be rich to profit online.

Here is the one opportunity I suggest.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Here is a suggestion you can combine with mistake number three.

Consuming content and educational material (aka consumption) is good.

Yet, you should make time for applying what you learn (aka production).

Every hour not wasted on social media, is an hour where you’ll produce.

I suggest 10 hours of production for every 1 hour of consumption.

And what if you aren’t sure the education you get is good enough?

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