You’re Fired

In Business Insider, Ivanka Trump was asked what bosses can do before they fire someone.

Her reply:

“You need to set measurable goals annually for people. And you need to articulate them very clearly.”

Oh damn.

That’s what happens when a girl has been a boss since the day she was born.

She is wrong.

Here is why.

In the 90’s, her dad nearly lost everything. The economy was in shambles. Nobody saw it coming. Even the great Donald was afraid that banks will take his house and shut down his businesses. He didn’t see it coming.

How can you set measurable goals?

Based on what?

Sure I can ask my magic eight ball, but let’s be real.

Bosses can’t predict the future of their companies.

Yet the somehow think they can tell you to close 5 clients by the end of the month.

Or else you’re fired.

This is why I hate bosses. They have been up there, sitting on their thrones for so long. They have no idea how it feels like to give your best. To bust your ass daily. And still fail because their whole business system wasn’t solid at all.

That is why you should stay away from bosses and jobs.

Just the fact you’ll have work with unrealistic expectations can doom you to a lifetime struggle, trying to satisfy impossible standards.

So what do you do?

You stop working for bosses.

You go to work for the person whose expectations you strive to exceed every day.

And who is that person?

None other than you.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Ivanka went on and said that communicating the goals beforehand, makes everything easier.

“Less subjective.”

“More objective.”


So when they fire you, they can feel good for their decision.

And you?

You’ll feel like a useless bum.

A bum who wasn’t good enough for them.

Think you deserve this kind of treatment?

You woulnd’t be receiving this message if you did.

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