The more i train, the luckier i get

ary Player is a legendary golfer, known for his work ethic and the quote below.

“The more I train, the luckier I get”

People are always astounded with his successes.

“Gary, how can you be so lucky?”

Old Gary just smiles and replies with his well-known quote.

Ain’t that nice?

Gary smiles because every time he did what his competitors weren’t willing to do.

They were at home, relaxing? Gary was on the field, honing his skills. They were sleeping until 10am? Gary was up at 5, doing pushups. They were buying the latest golf manual, promising to increase their drive easily overnight? Gary was following the basics that have worked for years.

Let’s switch gears now.

Gary and his competitors can be also seen online.

There are people like the competitors, thinking they can cheat the money making process.

They dream of riches with the push of a button. They snort when they hear “hard work” – their guru promised easiness. They hop on the latest opportunities because everyone else does the same.

People like Gary?

They focus on hard work at the fundamentals.

And lo and behold, according to their competitors, “they are so goddamn lucky!”.

If you think that people are just lucky, tough luck (pun intended).

But If you understand that you can increase your luck with hard work?

Then you my friend, have what it takes to become a winning player.

And I want you on my team.

Joseph Smith

P.S. I’ll never forget when old Gary won the U.S. Open.

He hit an incredible five-iron shot, right next to the pin, sunk it, and won the tournament.

The commentators said, “Gary, unbelievable, you got so lucky.”

You know his reply, right?

Gary is a real player of the success game.

If you get acid-reflux every time you hear about hard work, this isn’t for you.

But if you are a hard working player, I can help you also become a hard-winning one.

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