The Lie Celebrities Are Force-Feeding You

Kanye West recently canceled his tour.

Fans got mad.

Producers got even madder since they had refunds to give.

Kanye’s reasons?

Nobody knows.

He was on stage rapping and getting into the flow. Then, out of the blue, he stopped. He went on a tirade about Beyonce and Jay Z. The best part? He said that, had he voted, he would vote for Trump.

Fans started booing.

So Kanye, with his “zero fucks given” attitude, left the stage.

And you know what?

I love this attitude.

I love the kind of freedom Kanye has.

Even celebrities can be slaves to others.

Singers to their producers.

Αctors to their agents

They all have bosses and aren’t as free as you think.


Not him. He doesn’t rely on producers for his daily bread. He has taken the money he’s made throughout his career and invested them in businesses. That’s a smart man.

He no longer cares if he angers anyone.

He can do whatever he wants, because nobody can hold him hostage.

Boss of your own destiny, slave to none.

That’s the type of lifestyle you should develop.

If you have a boss, you’re a slave.

You can’t say or do what you want.

You are constantly living under the fear of replacement

Still, there are good news.

All you have to do is to switch from a “slave” lifestyle, to a “boss” lifestyle.


By being your own boss, and not relying on others.

Here’s how to do it.

Joseph Smith

P.S. I did a quick Wikipedia search for Kanye.

Philanthropist. Owner of a burger store chain. Record label producer. Creator of a company that will “pick up where Steve Jobs left off”. And a visionary who wants to recreate the music industry.

I don’t see him prostituting himself to a boss anytime soon.

Even better, I see him becoming even more successful as years go by.

Do you also want Kanye-like freedom?

Since you are in this newsletter, I know you do.

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