Why you should wake up earlier ever day if you want more money

A subscriber asked me the following question:

“I’ve joined thefearlessmomma and I still have my 9-5 job to pay the bills. But I’m too tired after work since I also commute for 2 hours. This gives me subpar results and I hate it. Anything I can do?”

You can do a lot.

But, I’m all about efficient actions.

So, I’ll give you the one tip of business advice that was a total game changer for me:

“The first hour of the day belongs to you. It doesn’t matter if you work a job, freelance, or you’re unemployed. If you invest in yourself this hour you will be free fast.”

I don’t remember where I read it but it was a big “aha”  for me.​

When you wake up one hour earlier every day, there two great things going on.

First, you have zero distractions because you wake up earlier than anybody else.

No Facebook messages, no noise from the street, no phone calls, nothing.


This silence allows you to get up and work for one whole hour on your business.

Next, and you’ll have to experience it, but your energy levels will be up first thing in the morning. With this energy increase, you’ll achieve more in one hour than 3-4 in the afternoon.

Is one hour too much?

Start with thirty minutes.

Hell, start with fifteen minutes.

But you owe it to yourself to squeeze a little time when you are at your best to work for your business.

It has helped me and countless other students increase our productivity.

And this is one just one solution of many I keep hidden in my treasure trove of financial solutions.

If you want more solutions, go here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. The one hour doesn’t seem like a lot.

And it’s not a lot.​

The magic lies in consistency.

The first hour of the first day is a small rock thrown down a snow hill.

As the days go by this hour becomes a huge snowball, ready to smash on your financial prison and give you freedom.

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