My First Year In Home Business Hell

* November 2010

Clicked an ad.

It was a network marketing company. Commissions were good. Work from home fitted my personality (I hated driving to work) and I’m a leader, not a follower.

I joined.

* December 2010

I sponsored ten people and everything looked great. Christmas and the New Year were around the corner so we decided to regroup next year.

* January 2011

People are pumped up every new year, ready to achieve their goals. Not Danny and Melanie. They had a chat with friends and family. Turns out it wasn’t a smart choice because being a good employee guarantees a stable job.

* February 2011

Bill loses his job at MacDonald’s so he has to look for a new one. He decides to leave the team and promises to get back sometime in the future.

* March 2011

The rest of the team fills me with excuses. They all find it hard to cold call people and don’t give their very best when they do.

* April 2011

Ashley stops returning my phone calls. I tried to communicate with her five days straight. Up to this day, I have no idea what happened. Her Facebook updates indicate she’s alive and “feels blessed” with her work at Walmart.

* May 2011

My team makes some sales which is good. But they also complain it was way harder than they thought.

* June 2011

Joshua goes away for the summer.

“I’ll be back after two weeks!” he promises but I don’t believe it.

* July 2011

Sherryl finds a job as a teacher in Zimbabwe. She asks if it’s possible to act as a representative of the company there. It wasn’t, so she also stops.

* August 2011

The rest of the team decides to take a summer break and we promise to regroup on the first of September. Unlike December, this time I’m not hopeful.

* September 2011

Gary and Misty, an elderly couple that joined together are forced to quit. Gary lost his consciousness during work and the doctor prescribed rest. He also suggested to not juggle too many things at once. Work had to stay, his own business had to go.

* October 2011

Derrick and Tina, the last two, also quit. Their morale was low with everyone else quitting. They went back to their jobs and I’m left without a team.

* November 2011

The company gets flagged as an MLM by the government and they shut it down. Now, I have to start all over again.


And that was my first year of hell.

Looking back, is there anything I’d had done differently?

Of course.

I would make crystal clear to anyone that you need to work hard. This is not a walk in the park. They all think you press a button and the next day you’re a millionaire.

After that?

I’d join a trustworthy opportunity.

One that will not close one year from now.

One that’s been around for years and it’s built on solid fundamentals.

If you find an opportunity like that, join without a second thought.

It’s what you need for your financial succes.

To see the one I suggest, go here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Something else I forgot.

If you read the whole message you’ll notice a trend.

If somebody stopped, I’d not try to find another person to join.

That was a bad choice.

Nowadays, I’m in constant search for winners.

I want them in my team, I teach them everything I know and we go forward together.

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