The 80-Year Old Stonemason

This is the story of Joe.

Joe is an 80-year old stonemason who lives in a little upstate town.

He’s a stonemason, but not for the people in the town.

He works mainly for city people, that come up for two or three months vacations every summer.

Joe is confused.

“Why don’t the townsfolk hire me for any job? I’m cheap, I always finish on time and I’m the gentlest stonemason around.”

But the problem isn’t his personality or his prices.

It’s his work.

When you and I think of building a stone fence, we like to think of a fine solid work of masonry that will outlast us and Joe a generation or two.

Not with Joe.

Every year, something he has made crumbles.

It seems every single job he ever did will have to be done over again.

The natives of the town, when asked, know where’s the problem.

“That stubborn mule Joe! All these years we’ve told him time and time again that he always puts too much sand in his cement!”

I guess lots of online businesses have too much sand in them, too.

The owners of these businesses just didn’t put enough cement in the business and it falls apart.

Most people fall victim to these sand-stuffed businesses. And when they less expect it, they come crumbling down, making them lose money and having them restart all over again.

What can you do?

You join businesses with a better ratio between the sand and the cement.

Less filler.

More binder.

More of the kind of businesses that have so much good work in them that will stand the passage of time.

You join businesses like this.

Joseph Smith

P.S. In essence, what an online business needs is a kind of above-the-average work.

You know what I’m talking about.

It needs sturdy fundamentals like great commissions, an easy-to-set-up system and a coach dedicated to your success.

All you need to do is work hard.

Do you feel you have what it takes?

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