Do you know the unchanging principles of how to make money online?

In an old-school video of Dan Kennedy, he was driving home a very important point.

“Tools always change.

Tactics occasionally change.

Strategies rarely change.

But principles never change.”

The talk was about sales but I couldn’t stop thinking how this applies to making money online.

Will the fancy new auto-responder help you build your business?

It will.

But it won’t be around forever.

Give it three or six months and it will be replaced with another software that’s either faster, cheaper or better at something else.

So why focus on the tools?

According to Dan and me, you’re much better served if you focus on principles.

These babies never change.

What are the principles that every serious business opportunity respects?

1. Access from any part of the world

2. It costs at least some money to get you started (stay away from free)

3. Easy to set up

4. Gives a money back guarantee

Yes, they’re basic.

That’s why I call them unchanged principles.

And if the business opportunity you’re in follows them, you’re on a path of greatness.

Both I and Dan Kennedy guarantee it.

If the opportunity you’re in doesn’t follow them?

That’s a problem because it will cripple your income and retard your progress.

But there are also good news.

You can fix the problem here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Kennedy presented the audience with two choices.

Say you wanted to create an infomercial.

Who will you choose to help you with it?

Francis Coppola or a 70-year old door-to-door salesman who smelled of cigarettes and his clothes were full of holes?

Dan’s answer?

He would pick the salesman.

Francis Coppola is great in putting together a film, but an infomercial is about selling.

The salesman?

He has decades of experience in sales.

Even if he’s not a bright shiny object, at the end of the day you need people who understand the principles of what it is that you want to do.

Yes, you’re not in the infomercial business.

You’re in the make money online business.

The lesson still applies.

You need someone to show you the principles needed for online success.

You can find this person here.

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