Gym Wars: Attack Of The Show-Offs

Last week I wanted to join a gym.

I visited one that has been open six months now and asked the trainer to show me around.

I gotta be honest, I felt embarrassed when I saw the people training there.

The men looked like Greek gods, with sculpted shoulders, wide backs, and 6-packs.

The women could be supermodels, with fabulous curves and thin waists.

“What the heck will I do here?”, I thought.

I would look like a total newbie if I train in the same gym as them.

On my way home, I had almost persuaded myself the gym wasn’t for me.

Then I started thinking about the bodies I saw.

And realized I overreacted.

Yeah, the dudes were like statues. But they probably were steroid users. Those types of bodies are the ones you see on bodybuilding shows and they’re not attained in a natural way.

The women had nice bodies but they weren’t training hard. They were on the elliptical for 60 plus minutes and didn’t lift weights. Their genetics were the secret weapon.

Those guys and gals are not the averages.

They are the exceptions.

But they distorted my perception of reality and made me almost fail without even trying.

And it’s the same with most online opportunities out there.

You hear people brag about their success and you think “This is not for me. I’ll never be so successful.”

But, take a step back and see the truth, will you?

What’s the truth?

You shouldn’t compare yourself to them.

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were one week before.

Are you making more money than you did last week?

If yes, great.

You’re on a great path.

If no?

It can happen to anyone.

I didn’t do everything perfect when I started.

But I found a map that showed me the clear path to success.

And if you’re on the same journey as I am, you need all the guidance you can get.

See the map I found here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. One more thing.

I signed up to the gym yesterday and trained in the morning.

What kind of people did I see?

Ordinary folks, like you and me.

No genetic freaks.

Just hard training men and women trying to improve themselves.

If they were online, they’d ignore the gurus and focus on hard work after they’d joined a decent opportunity.

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