How does your diet affect your success online

After a brutal legs session last night, Scott, my personal trainer asked me what I’d eat for dinner.

“The usual Scott, chicken and rice.”

“Don’t you crave chocolate anymore?”

“Nah, I don’t. I used to when I started dieting but now I don’t.”

“You had a mindset shift, that’s why.”

“What do you mean?”

He explained me that the other people who train with him, always blame their diet for the  lack of results.

They hope they could find one diet that would help them lose weight and build the body of their dreams.

And that’s why their mindset will always keep them fat.

They focus on the external things (a diet) and not on the internal (their mindset).

When you make the switch from “It’s the diet’s fault” to “It’s my fault”, a whole process of changes begins inside you.

You take responsibility for your actions.

Cookies and pizza no longer magically find their way into your mouth, because you stop them.

And it’s easier for you to take the necessary steps to succeed.

As Scott kept talking about the mindset of dieting, I couldn’t stop thinking…

Isn’t this the same with business?

Take two people. Have them join a great opportunity. Set up everything for them. Give the best coach in existence. Tell them they have unlimited funds to invest in their business.

The one who always finds faults in anything other than him, will fail.

The internet will be slow.

The ads won’t convert.

His zodiac sign won’t conjoin with Afrodite and Pluton.

The one who takes responsibility for everything?

He’ll succeed any time because has the mindset of a winner.

If you have this type of mindset, you’re already halfway there.

You only need someone to show you the way.

And as I have my personal trainer, I can help you find the way with your business.

Joseph Smith

P.S. After me, Kathy was going to train with Scott.

But she flaked.

Her excuse?

She was too tired after her shift and wanted to stay home, binge-watch Narcos and eat a small slice of pizza.

Scott knew that the pizza wouldn’t be just a small slice.

And frankly?

He didn’t care.

He makes it clear before a new client signs up that they must do the work if they want to succeed.

It’s the same with me.

I can’t help you if you aren’t ready to help yourself.

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