Whose Fault When You Fail ?

For the past month I’ve teaching my niece how to ride the bike.

When we started, I said:

“Martha, there are only two rules.

Number one: No laziness.

Number two: If you fail, whose fault it was?”


“No, I’m the teacher. If you fail, it was my fault.”


In my opinion, that’s how a teacher should think.

It doesn’t matter if you teach kids or adults.

It’s your duty to make sure your students succeed.

Let’s take this and see how it applies ονλινε.

Do you see anyone taking responsibility for their students’ failures?

I don’t.

You see people brag about the successes.

But buried deep down somewhere there’s a mountain of people who failed.

All because of the teacher.

Make no mistake about this, very successful student becomes successful thanks to the teacher.

Hard work and resources can only get you so far.

But good teachers?

They help unlock your talents.

They show you the mistakes others did before you.

They give you maximum results, in minimum time.

The tricky part is to find a good teacher.

Go here to see the one I recommend.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Martha came to me crying yesterday.

Turns out her school teacher gave her a C and said “Next time pay more attention when I’m talking”.

Can you believe her?

She didn’t ask Martha didn’t understand something. She assumed she didn’t pay attention. She didn’t even consider the possibility of her doing a lame job.

This happened to Martha at school, so it’s not a big problem.

But what would happen if you linked arms with a similar type of teacher?

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