The Case Against Network Marketing

This is a long-coming e-mail so I want you to pay attention.

People say network marketing is a scam and today I want to tell you they’re telling the truth.

Network marketing is a scam and if you join a company, you’ll be scammed.


Because if you don’t do what you’re expected to do, you’ll waste your money, your time and do nothing.



And when this happens, you’ll go around saying that XYZ opportunity is a scam cause it didn’t work for you.

If you are one of those people, no matter the opportunity, everything will look like a scam.

Is there a way to remedy this?

Sure there is.

First, you start thinking of the opportunity as an investment.

You paid a small amount of money to join and got material designed to improve you as a business owner.

You consume the material.

After consumption, you need to go out and apply what you learned.

You make errors, go back, re-examine your approach and try again.

This brings you a step closer to your goals.

If you’re like most people, you’ll stop before even consuming the material.

With this type of mindset, you’re doomed to failure.

If you’re unlike them?

There’s potential in you.

And I want you on my team.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Another reason people fail to succeed in network marketing?

They think you need to cheat people to make them join.

That’s a dumb idea.

There would be no company left if they thought like that – I guarantee it.

Networking marketing is a business that establishes ties with other people interested in the same line of business.

It is not cheating from others, as people always think it is.

This can work for you if you’re an honest person.

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