I wasted one hour and 45 minutes on facebook: Here’s what i Learned

Yesterday I did something I don’t normally do.

I wasted 105 minutes in a Facebook group.


I’m a firm believer of the motto “when a problem shows itself, never stop and meditate. Always move”.

I had writer’s block and wasted my time staring at a blank screen.

So I went in the group and started two different discussions. I tagged people and asked them funny questions. I brought others in and wrote a joke about them.

In essence, I moved a lot.

Did it cure my writer’s block?

You tell me.

After this fun experiment, I wrote 1,533 words in 45 minutes.

No too shabby, right?

But moving and not meditating also applies to you.

You had moments in life where you tried to wrestle your problems with meditation.

And it didn’t work.

It was because you didn’t move.

Right now, there’s something that holds you back from achieving your goals.

It can be technical details, marketing questions, how to close prospects etc.

This time I don’t want you to freeze and meditate.

I want you to move and take action.

And what can you do if you don’t know what type of action to take?

You can link arms with me.

Joseph Smith

P.S. On Facebook there is another kind of people.

They complain about the economy, their dead-end job and the bills they have to pay.

If you tell them to start a side business, you know what they say?

“Nah, this sh!t takes too much time.”

And then they’ll play Farmville, upload songs, comment about politics etc.

What’s the one thing they’ve missed?

It takes just thirty minutes a day to start a money-generating business.

They could do it if they wanted, but they’re too lazy.

I know you’re not lazy like them – you wouldn’t be on this list.

So, I want to show you how to start and run your own in thirty minutes a day, like I just said.

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