$ 8/hr…Slinging Burgers…(Yippee!)

In September 2005, i was making $8/hr at Ruby Tuesdays.

By December 2005, i was pulling in 5 figures monthly from my 1 bedroom apartment.



I focused on 2 things.

#1: I leveraged a big ticket program that paid me an average of $3500 per sale.

Fyi… You don’t need many sales per month @ $3500 a pop to make some serious money!

#2: I ran ads that funneled people to a DONE FOR YOU sales presentation that did the telling and selling for me so I didn’t have to say much except to ask the most important question of all and that was…

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Afterwards, reach out to me. I don’t bite, lol!


Name: joseph smith
Email: joe22736@gmail.com
Cell: 8627039633

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