87% Of People Hate Their Jobs

ust saw this shocking stat from Gallup:

87% of employees feel “emotionally disconnected” from their workplace.

So 87% of people are “meh” about their jobs.

I knew the number was high.

But not that high.


That’s as high as Snoop Dog on a space shuttle.

And it makes ye wonder…

Why do so many people put up with it?

Why keep doing work they don’t give a snap about?

Here’s why: They’ve never looked for alternative.

So they don’t realize that there’s a better way.

A happier way.

A way to leave the “meh” behind.

You don’t need to be genius.

Or a salesman.

Or a visionary.

Or Snoop Dog.

What have you got to lose but your blahs?

Click here.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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