Is working from home supposed to be hard?

Alexander the Great walked into a city, saw an ox cart tied to a pole with a big knot.

According to legend whoever could undo the knot would become king of Asia.

Thousands had tried and failed.

Alexander took out his sword and slashed the knot in half.

Took him 10 seconds.

“DUH…why didn’t I think of that?”

Yep, Alex knew how to think outside the box.

Perhaps that’s why he ended up building the largest empire of his time.

Often, the best solutions, which also happen to be the simplest and the cheapest, are right there, on the surface.

Yet 99% of people are blind to them.

They’re looking for the complicated stuff.

Because supposedly it’s better.

Because great solutions are supposed to be complicated.

Otherwise the solution isn’t very good.

I beg to differ.

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Joseph Smith
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