Why don’t you believe your passion has value?

“I can’t sell my passion. It’s just a hobby. No way to make money from it.”

I hear that all the time.

And it depresses the out of me.

Because it’s total BS…

Listen, I just heard of a couple of guys making big money selling birthday wishes written on potatoes, for crying out loud.


So don’t tell me you can’t turn your thang into an income.

If potato people could do it – you’ve got no excuse, Amico.

However, you may face a different challenge.

Mayhaps you’ve got no passion, hobbies or interests.

Perhaps your only interest is to make money.

And that’s fine.

Because there’s a program which is designed specifically for folks like you, who don’t want to dick around with passion projects.

Who just want to make money.

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Joseph Smith
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