I’m making an exception

I almost never go political.

But today I’m making an exception.

Donald Trump is getting a lot of heat for playing fast and loose with the truth.

Nearly everything that comes out of The Donald’s mouth is a half truth at best.

In fact, The Economist called Trump a liar on several occasions now.

Okay… so what?

He very well might be the next president of the US.

Understand – my concerns aren’t political.

But Trump’s triumph in the polls tells me one thing about people…

If you say something enough times with full on confidence and conviction, even if it’s a made up bullshit lie, people will believe it eventually.

If you learn anything from Trump…

Is that most authorities, especially the so-called make money from home experts, make claims without proof or substance.

And people blindly believe them.

This tells you why so many people get scammed.

They just fall for all the BS programs based on all the BS programming they’re subjected to by the so-called experts on daily basis.

Okay, Joseph, but how do you tell truth from half-truth or even a blatant lie?

Few ways:

Watch the testimonials.

Some programs have none.

Other programs have written ones only.

And some programs have video testimonials.

Look for programs with preponderance of proof. Not just a few success stories.

Like this one

Joseph Smith

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