Dreaded Monday’s

Back when I was in school (middle school, specifically) I literally dreaded Mondays.

I longed for Fridays so I could escape the mockery and bullying of the 7th and 8th grade, if only for 2 days.

Mondays for me, were a form of torture.

From being pushed into lockers, to having no friends, to always having to watch my own back because no one else would, it was a never ending game of paranoia mixed with reality.

As I graduated high school and entered college, Mondays took on a new meaning.

It meant the beginning of the standard issue, 40 hour work week. Monday through Friday, 9-5, get up, go to work, punch your time card, eat lunch at 11:45, take a break at 2:15, leave at 5, fight traffic, etc…

YUCK, YUCK and more YUCK!

That routine was not for me.

For starters, i had no desire whatsoever to be under someone elses schedule.

The whole ‘time for money’ exchange was tolerable but being told when, where and for how long, wasn’t.

This was a major motivating reason for wanting to be my own boss, to be out on my own, calling my own shots, beholden to no one.

Perhaps you feel the same?

Today, Mondays are a joke.

I can choose to work or not work.

I can work 2 hours or 14 hours.

I can work from my pool via my smart phone or at the office, on a PC.

I can elect to blow off the whole day, part of the day, or none of the day.


The ability to be able to choose what works for you.

You can’t beat that feeling, of lying in bed at 7:43 AM, knowing for a (FACT) that while millions of people are up hustling their asses to a J.O.B., I can roll over and go back to sleep.

If you want that kind of POWER too, then you know what to do.

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