The One Occasion You Should’t Let People Join You

I just finished a call with Dean.

Dean is interested in joining The Fearless Momma so I told him to hop on a call with me and see if it’s the right thing for him.

Now, re-read the above sentence.

I didn’t tell him “sure, just click here, join me and all your money problems will be solved”.

Blasphemy you say?

Do you believe that the more people who link arms with you, the better?

Hold your horses.

Although it makes sense short-term, it sucks as a long-term strategy.

Here is why.

I knew nothing about Dean. I’m not sure if we click together. He might even believe that this time next month, he’ll be a gazillionaire.

Shouldn’t I understand what he expects from the company and me?

Shouldn’t I learn what his dreams are?

Heck, shouldn’t I know if he is a just a dreamer and not a doer?

He might make me invest time in him, ignore all the advice I give, quit and then bad mouth me because he failed.

This is why I hop on a call with people whenever I have time.

I don’t get as many team members as the online gooroos but hey, I make sure that my team is full of players not quitters.

How about you?

Are you a player or a quitter?

If you are a quitter, then there are a hundred gooroos who will make you lose your hard-earned cash.

If you are a player?

You should join my team today.

Joseph Smith

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