What’s the difference between a silver bullet vs a shortcut ?

Everyone knows you can only lose weight through exercise, right?


Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Liposuction comes to mind.

Stick a tube in your gut and vacuum all the fat out.

Of course, you’re risking flabby skin, health issues and gaining all the weight (and more) back due to your poor eating habits.

The shortcuts always seem to come with a catch.

That’s why I’m weary of shortcuts.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not like I avoid them altogether.

Some shortcuts are pretty darn neat.

Like this supplement I take that keeps my heart rate up throughout the day to burn fat faster.

Or the vitamins I take to keep my calcium levels up for my bones.

Shortcuts, however, are different from silver bullets.

Shortcuts exist.

Silver bullets don’t.

And that’s really what you’re being sold on every day.

The magic buttons… the fairy dust!

The Fearless Momma is no silver bullet.

It’s a shortcut.

It won’t make you rich overnight.

It won’t fix your plumbing.

And it certainly won’t fix your marriage.

It’s the shortcut you need to avoid years of trial and error by getting training and coaching from someone with almost a decade of online experience put into an easy to follow system that comes with a full blown sales funnel, merchant support and high ticket product line!

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Joseph Smith

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