Why Is It So Hard ?

I’ll tell you why it’s so hard for you.

And I’m speaking from personal experience here.

It’s because you’re paralyzed with information overload.

It’s because you’ve spent almost 12 months chasing shiny objects that failed you.

It’s because no one in your life believes you’ll ever succeed on the internet.

Thing is, you shouldn’t blame yourself.

Because it’s not that you know what you’re doing.

You’re just listening to the so-called expurts who recommend systems they’re heavily invested in.

They need you to buy their crap so they make money.

Most expurts are like that.

They’ll say anything to get you to buy something with their name on it.

With an exception or two.

And it takes some digging and sifting through BS until you find something good.

I, for one, been shoveling through horse manure for a couple of years now.

It wasn’t easy to stay motivated.

But I knew that eventually I would bump into something that’s going to completely turn things around for me.

And found that one thing.

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Joseph Smith

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