4 Hour Work Week? Here’s How

It’s not about the “4-hour workweeks.” It IS about this…

SCOTTY: She’s all yours, sir. All systems automated and ready. A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her!

CAPTAIN KIRK: Thank you , Mr. Scott. I’ll try not to take that personally.

– Star Trek

Have you read Tim Ferriss seminal work, The 4-Hour Workweek, yet?

I highly recommend it.


Many people get this book all wrong. They think it’s all about working only 4-hours a week. That that could never work for them.

But it’s not about that, at all!

Although the book’s “title” is true to what the author accomplished at one point in his life, the book is really about systems, automation, and time freedom.

It’s about being able to live and do what you LOVE in life. Not being tied down to a j-o-b or any ONE LOCATION…

Being time rich, with plenty of income to live like you want, over being time poor, with money, but no life at all. (Think of most CEOs)

It all boils down to the Star Trek quote we started off today’s note with.

It’s all about having systems and automation set up so your business practically runs itself.

Even if you could run it for 2-4 hours a DAY, from anywhere in the world; your home, while traveling, at coffee shops…

…That could be pretty great, right?

===> That’s the type of business this allows you

It was built around the 4-Hour Workweek diameters.

May take you a bit more time to get things rolling, but it’ll be 100% worth it! Just get through the 21-steps as quickly as possible.

And also, check out the 4-Hour Workweek book, if you’d like. (Or, revisit it.) It’s changed lives.



Joseph Smith

PS Remember, change always happens in the present. In your corner. 🙂

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