Fearing Retirement 65

Putting off living for the later years?
Not enough cash stocked away?

A recent Gallup survey showed that 75% of workers want to retire before the age of 60.

Only 25% of them think they actually will.

This harmonizes with another study conducted by The U.S. Department of Commerce…

Which showed that only 5% of Americans are financially independent by the age of 65.


Forcing over 75% of all retirees to depend on family, friends, and Social Security as their only sources of income.

The fear of running out of money, is high.

What’s worse?

Many put off living a purposeful life, doing what they want, until their later years!

A much more powerful savings and “living” method that’s coming to light recently, is focusing on CASH FLOW over NEST EGG*.

(*And/or, Net Worth.)

This allows you to live a fulfilled life now, and creates limitless opportunities, at ANY age.

Think of it this way…

Net Worth is more like a stagnant gallon of water. It’s STORED. Doing little good to anyone, until it’s poured out, which means, then it’s gone!

Cash Flow is like a faucet turned on full force. It’s active. It’s flowing…


I’m not saying that having a net worth is bad, not by any means. But, it should be put in the right perspective and place.

It’s like an energy, that can be used once, and then it’s gone.

With cash flow, it’s like a hydroelectric dam, in which energy is constantly being generated without depleting the source.

It’s a more powerful UTILIZATION of the income, right?

Hope this is helpful?
Something to think about..

Also, not sure if you’ve checked this system out. But it’s all about creating consistent cash flow.

It’s got a very generous guarantee.

===> YES! Show me how to generate steady cash flow with this simple to utilize system!

Can be sending funds your way as regular as a hydroelectric dam constantly churns out energy!

To your success.


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Joseph Smith

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