Could Internet Addictions Be Blocking You From Daily Sales?

Are piddly distractions keeping you from a 6-figure side-income and living an incredible lifestyle? Try this sensible and easy fix…

Whether you’re building your business on the side right now, and are trying to free up 1-3 hours a day to focus on your biz…

Or, if you’re able to put more time into this, and you’re aiming to get your daily tasks completed within just 3-4 hours a day…

You must. manage. your. distractions.

By managing your distractions, you can:

*work significantly less.
*double or triple your income.
*and you can eliminate a LOT of stress.

The common distractions most face are Facebook, Instagram, Email, YT, and blogs.

Many get caught up in a loop where they just check these sites over and over and over again, all day… Just to give themselves a little dopamine hit.

Just a quick inbox or FB check can steal hours of your day!
My suggestions to combat this?

It’s not extreme.
I believe it’s sensible.

It’s NOT to delete all accounts and avoid sites you actually enjoy visiting. That seems a little extreme at this point.

Like the rest of things you’d like to do each day, I simply recommend that you BUILD IT INTO your day.


You look forward to it.
You can enjoy it, guilt free.
And it doesn’t interfere with your business.

But you ideally would build it into your afternoons.
Just schedule it in! Say, at 3:30pm every day, I will give myself 45 minutes to check my email, FB, Instagram, and whatever else.

Be strict on this. Try it for a week.

If you MUST access one of these sites before or after this period… Get in and out fast! Go in for what you intend to, and exit promptly.


You’d be amazed at how much more you’ll get done. How much happier you’ll feel. And that you aren’t missing out on anything at all.

Just the opposite!

It’s little habits like this that can make the difference from a $0-figure income, to a 6-figure plus income online.

And, it’ll give you more time to stick to a proven to bring you big sales program, just like this…

===> YES! I’m ready to manage my distractions by building them into my days, and follow these 21-steps to up to a 6-figure plus income…



Joseph Smith

PS Tomorrow, many will be stuck in the same loop of Email, and Social Media… And a little bit of Netflix thrown in for good measure…

Others will be logged-in to this site… well on their way to changing their finances and life forever…
Which group will you CHOOSE to be a part of??

In your corner.

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