Leads Not Buying? Then Try This

If leads aren’t buying, could you be making this critical, common mistake?

Want to avoid years of frustration and needlessly banging your head against the wall, as you get to a solid income?

Crazy, yet…

I see this far too often…



How are they going to pay you?
With the lint in their pockets?

It makes things way, way, way harder for you than it should be!!

Think of it this way…

A realtor specializes in luxury homes that carries an investment of at least one million, on average.

Is she going to waltz up to the unemployment office? Posting up flyers and passing out her business cards to people waiting in line?

No, she’s going to go where her market is, and market to people that have the means to start, and the ability to move-

Could be people that already own a $1 mill. house, or have a high end home on the market.

Could be based on their job title and annual income. Lots of criteria you could look at, right?

This is NO HARDER. Just means talking to the right people who can afford what you’ve got.

Sounds silly that they’d market to those in the unemployment lines, right? Well remember that…

Because far too often, people don’t see how this applies in their online business.

And they wonder why they’re struggling.

Hope this helps!

Not sure where you’re at right now, but I’m focusing on high ticket commissions, when it’s a fit for folks, and you can get started and up-to-speed on things…

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Joseph Smith

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