Day Job Killer…With A New Mindset

Replaces dead-end jobs in a snap…

You can’t experience a Day Job Killer (AKA: firing your boss) with a day job mindset…

Replacing your j-o-b income, and scaling up to $10k months and beyond, requires a different set of skills and mindset.

Especially, if you want the income w/ the lifestyle.

…It’s not about the hours you clock in.

…It’s not about how hard you “grind”.

…It’s not about wearing stuffy suits.

It IS about tapping into leverage points available to you right now. It IS about working SMART.

It IS about designing life and work on your terms.

Accepting no less than you deserve.

And that’s a great place to start!

Right now…

Spend a few minutes, and write out, in detail, your ideal, typical, perfect day.

When would you wake? (With or w/o an alarm clock?) What sheets would you be wrapped in? (Egyptian cotton? Silk?)

What type of floors would your feet hit as you hop out of bed? (Bamboo? A plush rug?)

Would would your morning look like? Your lunch? When would it be quitting time? How would you spend your day and evening with your friends and family?

Pen it all down to the finest detail you can. Fold it up. Stick it safely in a drawer…

===> And then go here asap…



Joseph Smith

PS Just like driving a car. Focus on where you want to go… NOT on the obstacles. Cool? Hope this helps!

PPS Pull this letter out in 6 months. Read it again, and prepare to be amazed!

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