Flips The Funnel So Big Paydays Roll Your Way From Day 1

The uncommon path to income online…

This may seem counterintuitive to everything you’ve ever heard about generating a fantastic income online.

And maybe?

That’s why it works so well.

Your typical advice, and what people (even the gurus) typically know how to do, is to…

…Put together a great freebie offer(known as a lead gen, or tripwire, or welcome mat) in exchange for your email address.

…Offer value. And turn that free lead into a $7, $27, $47, or $97 customer.

…From there, it’s up the value ladder until eventually you get to higher ticket offers for consulting and coaching etc.

The problem is?

If you’re aiming to replace your income, or get to an income that will fund your ideal lifestyle? And as fast as possible?

It’s harder than performing brain surgery on yourself, because of all of the work in front of you to do and to figure out.


It becomes HARD as nails to do when you’re only getting low ticket sales, right?

Want to know the solution?

The counterintuitive path?

What if you flipped this whole funnel upside down on top of it’s complicated little head, and started at the end, FIRST??

You’re getting up to $10,000 sales. Hitting your job replacing income right away. THEN, you can build down from the TOP of the income tower.

Making sense?

It’s like deciding to take a vacation cross- country. And rather than taking the car, you’ve decided the easier route of just flying there 1st Class…

Nothing wrong with either route. But I prefer to fly towards my goals and ideal lifestyle, over taking the slow and tough route..


This gives you the means to accomplish this, starting today. It’s a giant step to putting you in the right direction…

Take the advice and roll with it yourself. Or, check this out right away. Either way is fine by me!

In your corner.

===> YES! Show me how to flip the funnel and start with the BIG PAYDAYS up to $10k FIRST, without creating the typical “funnel”!




Joseph Smith

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