Monopolize These Gaps For More Paydays

This increases sales right away…

Quick note for you today…

Yet, this could be a BIG TIP for you, especially if you’re a partner, affiliate marketer, or are in a competitive space…

..and you’re looking for a leg up to get more sales than the next guy.

Just try it, and you won’t be let down!

So let’s say you’re selling a product. You get a nice commission every time you get a sale.


Lots of other people are selling this product too. That’s not a bad thing, you just need to stand out and be of more value than they are.

Do that and the sales may start flooding in…

So here’s how you do it:

Find the GAPS in the offer.

Then, position the PLUG to those gaps as bonuses.

Here’s what I mean…

Virtually every product offering has a gap in it. Something to make it better.

Your job is to think, “What’s missing? What could make this better? What more could I do for my people?”

If you’re selling burgers for commissions, you could add the cheese, the bacon, the fries on the side, all the extra condiments to make it better.



If you’re offering a course to teach people how to get traffic and leads, you can do the same thing. (Works with any offer.)

You could work with them to help them get their first 100 leads. You could even send them their first 100 leads, on the house.

Maybe the course teaches how to get the leads, but doesn’t show how to follow up and turn them into sales.

So you could offer a bonus on that.

Could be the course is just that, a course. But there’s no personal help, feedback, or support they’re getting.

You could offer personal support for 8 weeks.
Or you could put together a private FB Group for ongoing training and support, etc.

Making sense?
See the power here?

Where most people are offering useless Private Label Rights (PLR) and other bonuses that do nothing, you’re offering something of true value.

Something that really helps.

You’re filling in the gaps, the potential reasons they may not would make a purchase otherwise.

And it’s why people may chose YOU over everyone else.

Great stuff, right?

And while you’re offering maximum value, you might as well play it smart one step further and make sure you’re getting paid handsomely in return too, right?

===> That’s where this comes into play…

Hope this helps.




Joseph Smith

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