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If sales aren’t coming in easily enough, try this:

Sell the RESULTS.
NOT the product.

People never buy a product.

They buy the results it’s going to be bringing them.

Seems simple enough, right?

Yet, folks get wrapped up in their product, and that’s what they end up focusing on most times.

Big mistake.
For example…
Think of Apple.

What sounds more powerful?
“Buy our MP3 player.” (product)


“1,000 of your favorite songs in your pocket.” (result)

What if you’re selling Home Alarms?
You’re running a sale that’s about to expire.

What would make you more likely to buy if you were a target customer?

“Buy our Home Alarm before our deal ends.” (product)


“Don’t sleep another night not 100% confident your family is safe from burglars and break-ins.
Deal ends tonight.” (result)

Making sense?

This is big stuff here.

Nobody cares about the vehicle, the product.
They care about what result it will bring them.

Speak to THAT.

The plus is, this doesn’t require some great writing skill, or some amazing marketing prowess.

Just help people out.
Reach their hearts.
Speak to what they want.
And your sales can go up, up, up.

That’s what I try my best to do…

I could tell you all about the “product” I leverage. The vehicle.

It’s exciting and all…

But the REASON WHY I do it, is what it provides me and my family. The result.

More time freedom. Work from wherever I want. Leverage. No boss. Great income.

If that aligns with your wants too, feel free to check it out.

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Joseph Smith

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