Can You Be Free Within The Next 6 Months?

If you’re not reaching your goals quickly enough…


How do we speed up our results for wealth, lifestyle, and true happiness?

Peter Thiel is an investor, author, and cofounder of PayPal.

Simply asking yourself the right questions is one of his strategies for success. Most people never ask themselves questions like these.

They just drift on through life.

Here’s a couple questions to ask. Just be prepared to stretch your thinking a bit.

“How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months?”

“Look at your goals. How can you 10X them?”

Many will say, impossible!

But it’s not…

They’re just not trained to think about things this way. If you’re used to getting a salary of $50k a year, it’s hard to believe you could earn that in a month or two.

Here’s some questions that can get you there…

Can you narrow your focus?
Or get creative?

Approach things differently?

Think of it like this…

There’s a story of a fly that was trying to get out the window. Banging and banging his head against the glass, all day everyday.

That’s all he knew. That was his j-o-b. And he’d die there. Struggling. Working hard. But not getting through, no matter how hard he tried.

Thing is…

If he’d thought unconventionally. If he’d tried an entirely different path, he’d realized that there was a door, wide open, just 3’ to its left.

10X result.
Less effort.

Not sure of your goals?

But is there a way you can get creative and bold, as Peter says? A way to avoid being the fly?

One great “mind-shifting” book is called You2 (i.e. You squared), written by Price Pritchett P.H.D.

Quick read too…

Hope you enjoy it, and today’s note.

If you’re open to 10X’ing your results, and are ready to commit to change, check this video out…

===> YES! I’m ready to 10X my results! Increasing my income, freeing up my time, and living life on my terms! My idea of the good life!



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