One-Man-Show? Please, Read This

You don’t have to learn a lot, or do a lot, if you start off on the right foot…

There’s a sizeable company online that makes tens of millions a year, building up brands in quite a few different niches.

The survival market, food, wellness, sewing, internet marketing trainings, and so forth.

Here’s two big takeaways behind their success.

1- They have a massive team. The best of the best work for them, mostly all from a real world, drive to work, and sit in a cubicle for 8-hours office.

2- Since they’ve been so successful, they have started helping others try to duplicate the success they’ve earned.

They have indeed developed some great processes.

So, they started an online training course, where you go through it, get tested, and if you pass, you get a certification.

You can get hired and take your skills to the marketplace, or just apply what you’ve learned to your own business.

Making sense?

Yet, check out the classes they’re offering, then let’s chat about that for a beat:

*Content Marketing Mastery
*Analytics and Data Mastery
*Email Marketing Mastery
*Search Marketing Mastery
*Social and Community Mastery
*Optimization and Testing Mastery
*Conversion Funnel Mastery
*Paid Traffic Mastery
*E-Commerce Marketing Mastery


That’s a mouthful, right?!

Here’s the thing; I’m NOT recommending you sign up and go through all these classes and get all “certified”.

My point is, this is what’s behind a profitable business. They have full teams running each division laid out above.

You’re best to learn one thing, and work for somebody, OR… use leverage. Earn profits off the “backend” of big companies like this.

That’s why affiliate marketing can be so powerful.

You build a list, or even simpler, just send traffic to an offer… You get a commission, and that company fulfills and does all the rest. (i.e. All the different things above.)

Can make things waaaaay easier for you!

Problem is…

Most affiliate offers don’t share the backend sales. The big ticket. And that is where most of the income is made.

You generate them a $47 to $97 sale. They pay you $25 to $50 bucks or so…

And then that customer may go on to spend another $1000, $10000, $20000, and you won’t see one red cent of that money.

That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Yet, that’s why I’ve partnered with Matt…

Because working with him, you can get a “very generous” cut of the back-end profits.

And the best part is, it can be hands-off on YOUR PART at that point…

The backbones of their business does all the heavy lifting for you.

In short…

This business can be easy or hard.

The learning curve can take years and years of struggling, or you can be up and running in weeks, or days even…

Your choice.

===> I choose the easier path.



Joseph Smith

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