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Have You Had The Coffee Shop Conversation Yet?

All he wanted was a little love and respect. Then this happened 12 mos. later…

Have you had the coffee shop conversation yet?

It can be quite profound.

Imagine, it’s one year from today.

You’re sitting in a coffee shop. And you’re looking back at the past year of activity.

As you’re looking back…

What made THIS year different than all others?

What will have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to be sitting there, over he top happy with your past year, and with your future still yet ahead?

Some have sat in this same chair before you!

And many have felt it worthwhile that they were able to finally prove they can be a good provider for their family.

That they can be a good spouse, mom, dad, grandparent.

That they could now send their kids to the best schools in town.

Being able to give to their favorite charities.

The feeling they got as their mother or father placed their hands on their shoulders, with a look of pride n their eyes…

As they watched, amazed at the type of business they run and the results they’ve been getting.


Much more importantly?

What would your coffee shop conversation look like?

What’s holding you back?

Can I help?

If you need a good system.
And help along the way…

===> This may help today

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

Is Procrastination Holding You Back (Know This..Do This)

Procrastinating? Doubting ourselves? It is all a part of this glorious game of life.

It can be all too easy to take successful people of their craft, and hold them up high on a sparkly, bedazzled pedestal.

Such as actors, star athletes, millionaires and billionaires, famous musicians and so forth.

We may begin to think they have superpowers, or luck that WE don’t possess.

Nor ever will.

Yet, here’s the glaring reality I’ve come to realize lately…

These folks?

Odd as it may seem.

They are just. like. us.

They’re procrastinators.
They’re depressed souls.
They’re busy as bees.
They’re sick.

They’re dealing with “stuff.”

Their life is messy too.

The difference is?

They accomplish big goals DESPITE these things.

They’ve realized:

WHAT you do, is more important than HOW you do it.

Like chasing your dreams and achieving them, even though you may be dealing with every challenge under the sun, and are far, far from perfect.


I’m not sure where you are at?

But I take it you’re just like the rest of us.

Take heart.

All the “big wigs” are just like the rest of us too.

Whatever worthwhile goals you may be chasing right now?

You got this.

Moms, students, retirees, “procrastinators” and super busy people alike? They are all doing very well with this system right now…

===> Try out this system that works.

Can’t promise you’ll get results too. But there is a guarantee you can check out.

And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your results if you give this a big, massive, imperfect GO. 🙂




Joseph Smith

Simple Plan To Online Paydays ( Want It?)

One thing to consider in getting your business off the ground, which doesn’t sound so “sexsy” or anything, is this:

So let me explain for a sec…

Is your product or idea feasible to get off the ground in the next few months?

Or will it take years to get it rolling? (If so, I’d drop it like a hot potato.)

What’s the investment required for you to successfully bring your idea or project to fruition?

What will you have to learn, do, and accomplish to reach your end goal?

Do you truly have all the time and resources, plus the willingness to sacrifice whatever it takes to pull it off?

A little further…

Here’s the definition of feasibility:

noun: feasibility
the state or degree of being easily or conveniently done.: “the feasibility of a manned flight to Mars”.

So, can your project EASILY be done?

Or is it going to be as difficult as getting a man on Mars?

Not to dissuade you from your goals…

But I personally choose the easier path.

This goes hand in hand with profitability.

How quickly can you get to job replacing revenues, decent income you can live from, and then scale it up to 6-figures plus?

A year?
Two or three?
You aren’t sure?

If you worked around the corner at a part-time job, you’d want a paycheck pretty soon, correct?

Maybe after a little training, at least every two weeks?


Just my thoughts…

If you can’t make a decent income in 30-90 days?

I’d at the very minimum park that idea in the garage and “maybe” get back to it at another time.

Hope this helps you out.

Not sure if this is a good fit for you or not? But many students have found this to be a very feasible and profitable choice for them and their families:
===> Yes, I’m ready to see if this can be feasible and profitable for me too…

You’ll see how this has worked amazingly well for other members from all walks of life, and from all ages, young and old alike.



Joseph Smith

PS How long are you willing to wait to become the next online Success Story?

Remember… it doesn’t have to be as hard as flying to Mars. You can take the easier path right now.

===> I’m in.

Extra Side Income Sounds Nice? Big Potential Here…

Tacks on an extra part-time income, or replaces a full-time j-o-b you don’t love…

Getting up to $10,000 months and beyond doesn’t have to be hard…

Even if you’re doing this part-time.

The KEY is in how you go about it, and how quickly you can get to your first few sales.

Think of it this way…

When most people, young and old alike, learn to play an instrument like a guitar or piano…

They take LESSONS.

Learning a new instrument can be challenging!

Ever experienced this yourself?

And the benefits of having an instructor goes far deeper than just what they can teach you.

Every week, the student has to practice and improve. They’re held accountable.

And step by step…

They get better, and better, and better over time, right?

What this causes are miniature successes!

They learn a few chords.
Then they’re strumming a simple tune.

(Smiling every strum and beat.)

Before you know it, they’re sounding like a professional that was born with “the natural gift” of having musical talent!

On the flip side?

And where the frustration in this business often is?

Is trying to play the same chord over and over again, month after month, year after year.

Being stuck at step one.

Not experiencing those “miniature successes” that can quickly move them up to the big leagues in a snap.

Keep moving forward!
Keep progressing.

Step by step.

If you’re willing to take a few small daily actions, it doesn’t have to take long at all to get up to $5 to $10k months online.

Only if you’re applying leverage at the right points that ALLOW that type of income potential to be headed your way, nearly all hands-free.

Open to that?

===> This presentation will explain the details and shows you how to get started asap…

This may be a great fit for you.



Joseph Smith

PS Today you’re also getting your own coach to help you learn the easiest “chords” to generating your first $10k months.

(Just a heads up… I’m not sure when they may be fully booked up, or how long they’ll keep offering this for you.)

Sick Of Living For The Weekends? Try This

If you know there’s more out there for you…

(Joseph Smith) here…

There’s an upside and downside to playing out life too safe and too by the book.

There was this big study recently…

It looked at a big number of straight-A students in school and college.

It peered into the success of the Valedictorians that our schools and “the system” destined to be headed for great things.

However, what were the real results?

Virtually ZERO of these folks would go on to change the world, run the world, or impress the world.

(Often, these were the college dropouts and grade-C students that would change the world and live life on their terms.)

The “smart” ones?


They were good employees!
Successful in the workforce!

Yet, they typically settled into the system instead of shaking it up. They were good at doing what they were told.

Conforming to what others and society “expected” out of them. Not always the happiest way to live, is it?

To break out of the humdrum mold of life? You have to be willing to shake things up. To stand out from the pack.

To try something different, crazy even.

Not caring what anyone else thinks or says.

Now there’s nothing wrong with living an average life that most do. Working hard and living for the weekends.

Yet, I feel that something IS wrong if you aren’t happy with life or with what you’re doing.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled.

If you’re feeling you know there’s more out there for you and your family to experience.

I don’t know where you’re at right now?

But if it seems like a good fit for you…

===> Check out this amazing, 1-2-3 simple system

It’s unconventional for sure! You can work from anywhere in the world you want. Even from at home in your pajamas.

And you can team up with a company that will share their high ticket, back-end profits with you.

With the generous guarantee you’re getting, and the fact that you can be getting up to $10,000 commissions headed your way soon, I think you would be crazy NOT to give this an honest try.

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

How To Find The Online “Honey-Lines”

Open to $5,000 to $10,000 paydays soon?

(Joseph Smith) dropping by you

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
-A.A. Milne, Novelist, Creator of Winnie-the-Pooh

Nothing beats having competence in your business! Having a steely-confidence that you’ve indeed decided to take the right path.

Want to have that feeling too?
Knowing you’re doing what’s right?

Where when you sit down and do something you KNOW it will eventually be bringing you the big results and lifestyle you want?


Take to heart a brief lesson from Winnie-the-Pooh. 🙂

Where did he get his bravery and belief that got him to the “honey?”

Well for one, he had a top notch support team, didn’t he?

They were, in all their different shapes and forms, always with him along his journey…

Offering him a helping hand and the extra guidance and support he needed at each step.


He had enough confidence that when he went to the right honey-hole, the HONEY would be there for him to take…

…In abundance.

…Nearly 100% of the time.

The online journey is no different.

Ensure you’re getting the daily support you need! A team of good folks in your corner. People that will have your back.

The Christopher Robbins, the Eeyores, the Piglets,Tiggers, Owls and Rabbits of the world.

Next, ensure the “honey-hole” you are going to WILL likely get you results.

Look at the signs.

Are many others from similar backgrounds as you making it work? This can help put you on the right track to get to the yummy honey!

===> That’s why I recommend this step by step system

You’re getting the 1-on-1 help and support you will need to get to your first $10,000 months and beyond.

And you’ll be able to get group support from other like-minded individuals using the same system.

Plus, you can click on the link above right now, and see that this “honey-hole” system is working for people from all walks of life.

Million and millions of batches of “golden nectar” has been handed out in the form of high ticket commission checks.

And you could be next.

You open to big commissions?

===> YES! I am!



Joseph Smith

PS Don’t forget to check out the guarantee you’re getting today!

Please Open Before You Try Another “Income System” Out

Ends overwhelm, feeling lost and fuzzy on what to do next…

Hey it’s (Joseph Smith),

If a pond is clouded with mud, there’s nothing you can do to make the water clear.

When the mud settles?

It will clear on its own.

Because clarity is the water’s natural state.


CLARITY is your mind’s natural state too.

When you have clarity on what you want.
And a clear, muddy-free system on how you’ll get it.

The fog lifts.
And results emerge.

When you’re ready…

I’ve got a system that may help:

===> YES! I’m ready to follow a simple and clear path! Getting the financial freedom and lifestyle I want to be experiencing in my life right now!



Joseph Smith

PS With a clear vision of what you want and how you’ll get it now in your possession, you may be amazed at how truly easy this can be after all! When will you be ready to begin?

Has Your Environment Got You Set Up For Success?

Never again feel you’re lacking the support or systems you’ll need to build a nice side-business…

“Do not be misled. Bad associations spoil useful habits.” -1 Corinthians

“Friends are like your backbone. They are always there when you need support.”

Environment matters BIG TIME in predicting your chances of success.

(And increasing your happiness along your journey!)

*Who you’re around most of the time.

(We don’t always have full control of this. Yet read on.)

*Where you work.
*Events you attend. (Or don’t.)

Want to greatly increase your odds of breaking through?

Improve your environment the best you can. Get around more people and systems that believe in you and will fully support you \
You deserve that.

Here’s a fast way you can start…

People offline, our friends and family, they don’t always understand what we do. They don’t always get our entrepreneurial drive.

They’d assume we just give up and be “normal” just like them. But don’t to it!

Online, you CAN have a group of good souls that’ll have your back.

Also, changing your environment from time to time… Going to an event. Working from a swanky hotel for a day or two, whatever inspires you!

That can work wonders.

However, just know, whatever your day to day is right now, working from a coffee shop or in the corner of a spare bedroom, you can 100% do this.

Just need to apply the system. By taking daily “imperfect” action.

Perfection doesn’t exist. It’s just another form of procrastination.

Just start. Go.

Your brain will figure it all out on the way. But it won’t know all the answers before you begin.

What’s cool?

Matt, who’s system I work with, started in the tiny corner of his spare bedroom. He was able to start from nothing and built a multi-million dollar business.

He’s passionate about growing his biz and supporting his partners and friends.

That’s why, as soon as you’ve signed up, you’re getting access to our online support group on Facebook.

===> I see my environment breeds success! I’m ready for the support and systems I need to achieve total financial independence!

After you’ve logged-in and have started…

You’ll have the opportunity to join our Masterminds throughout the year.

Matt recently bought a resort in Costa Rica just so his partners can meet up and create better incomes and lifestyles together.

Talk about an amazing environment that will support your success!!

If you’re able to ever go, I’d strongly recommend it. You can ask your coach about it as you’re going through the 21 Step System.

Big ole’ takeaway today?

Environment. Matters.

Let it serve you. Not hold you down.

Believe in yourself. I sure do. 🙂




Joseph Smith

Wondering How Much Time This Will Take?

“Hustling” for 60+ hrs a week may not be the best answer for more freedom, fun, and income…

I’m not sure what monthly income you would be over-the-top happy with making on the side?


Whatever it is…

You may be wondering how much time it’ll reasonably take to get you there.

Well, that completely depends on the system you decide to use. As well as how consistently you can apply it.

But I get it.

We’re all busy.

We’ve got financial obligations. Family time. Lots of things we’re doing each day that gobbles up our minutes, 24/7/365.

Some businesses require you to get a lot clients. Or to learn SEO, or to purchase truckloads of physical goods for an eComm biz.

(I hope there’s some aspirin on the truck, because that sounds like a headache to me!)

I personally choose to be a partner or affiliate, where I simply take a cut of the commissions.

And they fulfill on most all of the work. Plus, no costly overhead expenses and risks are involved.

It’s the type of business that buys back your time. It doesn’t take more of it from you!

If you’re ready to follow the system I’m using, and are ready to buy back your time and increase your income…

===> Then I invite you to check this out



Joseph Smith

PS The way things are going in today’s world, our schedules are only going to get more packed. How soon will you be ready to take back control of it all?

===> Can start with 15-30 min. a day

Affiliate Commissions Too Small? Then Try This

Turns small paydays into “Oh my!” income.

If you’re busy as a bee, yet your daily paycheck isn’t where you want it to be?

Then I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a problem for you too.

(It will continue to be for many.)

Online business can be attractive for the amazing leverage it gives you.

The automation.

The push a button and watch sales roll in.

Yet, if your AUTOMATION isn’t getting you the cash flow you’re after, then you need to ensure that:

You’re applying leverage correctly.

Here’s what I mean…

A tractor can probably pull a couple tons of weight. Gives you a lot more leverage over hauling buckets in your hands, right?

However, if a guy has a goal to haul a lot of dirt, and he’s only loading up his tractor with 3 lbs. at a time?

Then he’s not using his “leverage” well.
He’s wasting a lot of time.

He could be getting a lot more with the same OR LESS effort.

Same applies online.

You could be sending 500 people a week to check out your offer. It could all be done nearly automated.

Yet, if you’ve only got $47 to $97 offers in your “buckets”?

Then you may not be applying the online leverage and the economics of this biz correctly.

Because you could be sending the same 500 people, yet this time, you could be hauling $10,000 sales in your bucket.

See the difference?
Now that’s applying leverage wisely!

And profitably.

There’s not a ton of ways to haul in more “dirt” without killing yourself to set it all up.

But I do know of a way…

===> If you don’t want to have to set it all up yourself but still want leverage for up to $10,000 paydays.

Our first goal will be to get your first $1k sale.




Joseph Smith