Hustle And Grind? Is This Necessary?

Done for the day by 5. Way before!

“Hustle your face off!” (Wha??)
“Rise and Grind!” (Uhm, no.)
“Sleep’s for pansies!” (Zzz..)

There’s a few “personality types” out there that try to make you feel guilty. Like a loser.
If you’re not working 12-18 hrs a day, everyday.

And I wonder how many dinner table are missing a mommy or daddy because of this mentality.

How many beds have one person in them when it’s nighty-nite time. The other one’s, “Gotta burn the midnight oil, honey! Gary V said so!”

How many spouses are head first in a game of Candy Crush, when they’d feel much more alive and loved if they were out on date night.

Rarely, if ever, does someone say on their deathbed, “I wish I would have worked more.”


And here’s the thing…

Working harder is NOT the answer.
It can only get you so far.

After all, if effort was the answer, then ditch diggers would be some of the wealthiest people on the planet. But they’re not.

Working SMART is the answer.
Using LEVERAGE however you can.

Always look where you can work smarter, and work less, not more, more, and more.

For example…

What if someone else is doing the “hustle” for you?

What if the hard work has been done?

And you can profit from THEIR efforts.

Up to…



Without you doing ANY of the heavy lifting.

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Joseph Smith

PS I’m not saying not to work hard. But it’s all about balance. And knowing what you are not willing to sacrifice.

I’d rather work/hustle/grind whatever you’d like to call it, for a FEW focused hours, and then be done for the day to do what I want.

If you can carve out a “little time” to do this everyday, this can work.

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