Sick Of Living For The Weekends? Try This

If you know there’s more out there for you…

(Joseph Smith) here…

There’s an upside and downside to playing out life too safe and too by the book.

There was this big study recently…

It looked at a big number of straight-A students in school and college.

It peered into the success of the Valedictorians that our schools and “the system” destined to be headed for great things.

However, what were the real results?

Virtually ZERO of these folks would go on to change the world, run the world, or impress the world.

(Often, these were the college dropouts and grade-C students that would change the world and live life on their terms.)

The “smart” ones?


They were good employees!
Successful in the workforce!

Yet, they typically settled into the system instead of shaking it up. They were good at doing what they were told.

Conforming to what others and society “expected” out of them. Not always the happiest way to live, is it?

To break out of the humdrum mold of life? You have to be willing to shake things up. To stand out from the pack.

To try something different, crazy even.

Not caring what anyone else thinks or says.

Now there’s nothing wrong with living an average life that most do. Working hard and living for the weekends.

Yet, I feel that something IS wrong if you aren’t happy with life or with what you’re doing.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled.

If you’re feeling you know there’s more out there for you and your family to experience.

I don’t know where you’re at right now?

But if it seems like a good fit for you…

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Joseph Smith

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