Have You Had The Coffee Shop Conversation Yet?

All he wanted was a little love and respect. Then this happened 12 mos. later…

Have you had the coffee shop conversation yet?

It can be quite profound.

Imagine, it’s one year from today.

You’re sitting in a coffee shop. And you’re looking back at the past year of activity.

As you’re looking back…

What made THIS year different than all others?

What will have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to be sitting there, over he top happy with your past year, and with your future still yet ahead?

Some have sat in this same chair before you!

And many have felt it worthwhile that they were able to finally prove they can be a good provider for their family.

That they can be a good spouse, mom, dad, grandparent.

That they could now send their kids to the best schools in town.

Being able to give to their favorite charities.

The feeling they got as their mother or father placed their hands on their shoulders, with a look of pride n their eyes…

As they watched, amazed at the type of business they run and the results they’ve been getting.


Much more importantly?

What would your coffee shop conversation look like?

What’s holding you back?

Can I help?

If you need a good system.
And help along the way…

===> This may help today

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

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