Problems Focusing On Your Business (Try This Now)

Results don’t happen by spraying and praying.

Mind if I share a trick to getting you more leads and sales?

It may not “seem” like a big deal, but it’s these little things that will usually make a BIG difference to your bottomline results!

It’s really about how you attack your day to day tasks that, if you do them, they can get you the results you want, like $10K/mos.

So here’s the tip:

You have to attack your tasks like a sniper.

A sniper doesn’t spray & pray.

He has ONE specific target.

If he tries for 2 or 3 targets at once, then he’s going to lose. He’ll get ZERO results.

These days this is hard to do.

We’ve got lots on our plates, and a ton of info flooding our way 24/7/365.

So a big thing that may help is to get really clear on what our targets are, and then to “reverse-engineer” every step to take that’ll get us the results.

Then THAT will give us a clear singular target to hit with accuracy.

Sounds simple.
But how many people do this?

The one’s getting results do it.
That’s the difference.

That’s why they’re a pretty rare breed of folks.

Now, this doesn’t have to be hard!

In fact, it’s actually pretty fulfilling to have a target, and hit it day after day after day, isn’t it?

Especially when it starts churning in daily sales…

So, it just means you have to get clear on what you want, and then focus for a set time each day.

Knock the target out, and then you are done!

That’s what I love about the biz I’m in.

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My ONE target is clear as a glass of water:

Send Leads. (They’ll show you how)

If I can just focus on that like a sniper for 30 to 60 minutes a day, then I can get up to $1K to $10K paydays.

Well worth the little bit of extra focus required?

RIght now, you get a coach to help train you up and get you going…

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Joseph Smith

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