5 Steps To Build A $10K/mo. Business Part Time

This one thing holds most of us back.

Imagine all of the amazing things we would have already accomplished in our life… if we’d not stopped.

Yet, as humans…

Many of us start throwing the “quit switch”.

Our workout gets hard, so we throw the quit switch and head home.

Our side-gig requires we learn/do something we’re not used to, so we throw the quit switch and search for a new “easier” path to take.

Folks marriages hit a rough streak, so they abandon their vows, hit the “quit switch” and call up a divorce lawyer.

Of course, I’m not trying to sound dogmatic here, there ARE some situations we may need to quit or get out of, right?

But oftentimes, if we simply just stop stopping, amazing things start to happen in our lives.

Here’s an incredible little formula that can help. Celebrities, CEOs, NFL players and others turn to this top consultant for help…

Follow these five steps and just see what may happen for you too! 🙂

1. Decide what you want to accomplish.

2. Define exactly what actions it will take from you to achieve the outcome.

3. Decide if you are willing to pay that price.
(If you’re not willing to pay the price to get whatever you want, you’re just going to get frustrated.)

4. Monitor the results of your actions and make corrections when needed.

5. Continue to take the required actions and DO NOT STOP until your outcome is realized.
(AKA: Stop stopping.)

Powerful stuff, right?

And it’s a cunningly simple path to reach ANY goal we have in front of us.

Many may decide on a big goal, like if they want to buy a huge, expensive house…

But they don’t consider what it will take to get there, which they aren’t willing to do, and they aren’t willing to go nonstop till their goal is hit, which just makes them frustrated!

The 5 steps helps us get what we want, and it keeps us from wasting our time on some goal that sounds nice, but we aren’t willing to do the steps required to get it.

Use the plan above.
It works.

Now.. .

If you’d like a proven, step-by-step plan to build up to a 6-figure business on the side?

===> Check this step-by-step system out If you follow the simple steps laid out, along with the process above, and you agree to “stop stopping” and stick with it…

…It’ll be hard for you NOT to do very well with this plan now in hand.

===> Get going here, if it’s a fit for you

Hope this helps!



Joseph Smith

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