Foggy On How To Build A Nice Side Income?

You must know this answer, daily…

Hey, would you like to hit 6-figures on the side this year?

…Or nail any other worthwhile goal?

Maybe you’d be great with just earning an extra $1K to $4K per month over the next 90 days to help cover the home or car payments?

Odd as this may sound…

The key is to be able to answer this 1 question:

Was today a WIN for me?

If you don’t know with 100% certainty this answer, then success at anything will be darn near impossible.

This is a universal truth, right?

And the only way you’ll know this is if you have set a clear TARGET to hit, so you can look at it at the end of the day, week, month, and year…

And can see if you hit it, or not.

If you want get fit, did you workout at least 30 minutes today? Did you run faster, or longer? Did you lift heavier weights or do more reps?

Or, do you have no clue?

Clear targets.
Did I hit them?
Yes or no.

If you want to get to $10K months in a lifestyle-friendly side business, there are CLEAR targets you can set that will get you there.

Like getting leads.

You may need 100 leads a day to hit $10K months, just as an example here.

You may be running Facebook Ads, or Solo Ads, and so forth…

The end of the day arrives.
Did you gain 100 new leads today?

Yes, or no?
Target hit, or target missed?

Once this becomes clear, that’s when you can progress and start making big waves in this business.

Once you get this, it becomes a game.
A fun game.

A very lucrative game for some…

Cool thing is with the business I’m in?

You really only focus on getting leads.
(They show you how.)

You also get a coach to help you see what “targets” to set to hit the income (like $10K months) that you want…

===> Check out how to start here

First goal will be to get you to your first $1K commission, soon as the next 30 days or so.

And that will be just the start.

How soon before you’d like to join us?



Joseph Smith

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