Covid-19: We Have The Cure! 411

That subject line grabbed your attention and prompted you to open this email.

Didn’t it?

Read on to find the cure.

There is one thing about marketing.

You have to know when to sell, upsell and downsell.

If you’ve been following our emails for the past couple of days, you’ll know that we’ve been hammering on why you should take full advantage of the rate opportunity this bad time of Corona virus pandemic is offering.

Yesterday, I mentioned that it doesn’t matter whether what you’re promoting is a high ticket offer like Igor Kheifet’s Elite Affiliate Pro or a low ticket offer like Anthony Morison PWA, the time to SELL is now!

Did you just asked how do you sell?

Well, it’s quite easy.

The secret is to get your email into the inbox of your prospects.

Once it gets to their inbox, I wager they’ll read your emails.

Wondering why I’m so confident that they will?

Well, they now have all the time in the world at their disposal to check their computers as they’ve been either forced to stay at home or work from home due to the Corona virus outbreak.

In fact, a lot of them will now be looking for means to earn extra cash from the comfort of their homes.

You’ll think in the same direction too.

====> Check This Out Today

Won’t you?

The question now is how do you get into their inbox?

A lot of programs offers email swipes/templates that you can edit and blast to your list.

The shocking fact is that use those swipes is one of the best ways to NOT promote to your list as they are also used by several other marketers like you and the emails been recognized as spam by email service providers.

Due to this, they go straight to you your prospect’s spam/junk folder.

That why you have few to almost non-existent open rate when you used that swipe the last time you promoted to your list.

The Only Cure to this?

Prepare fresh follow-up emails series that are custom-written for your offer as they won’t trigger spam filters and land straight in the inbox of your prospects.


Yours Truly


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