How To Get An MBA Income With An MBA Student Loan Debt

There are two kinds of business schools
The first one is Necktie University.

Traditional B school.

Necktie University is one of those strange places where everyone is doing business BUT YOU!

The professors sell you education.

Authors sell you textbooks.

The institution sells you a degree. 

And what do you pay?

An average school charges $80,000 for tuition and $20,000 for books.

And what do you get? 

You certainly don’t get your own business.  

You just get a lot of theories and case studies and lectures.

But there’s another kind of business school. 

With The Easy 1 Up Program the 21 P’s of marketing. Or the 15 B’s of leadership. Or the 2,535,604 L’s of web design.

They’ll give you a real system you can use now.

And they’ll pay you when you learn how to how use it!

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Joseph Smith

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