Why You Don’t Need Easy 1 Up

To be brutally honest, you don’t need the easy 1 up.


I did just say that.

And here’s why:

Everything you need to know to start your own business is out there on the internet. There’s an endless ocean of articles, eBooks, emails, and blog posts that you don’t have to pay a dime for… all of it is just a simple Google search away.

So why am I telling you this?

Because that’s just the problem.

There’s an endless ocean of info out there.

Most of it garbage.

Some of it dangerously bad.

So be my guest.

You’re welcome to spend the next 8 months of your life tirelessly tracking down and sorting through all that info in order to find the few needles in the ocean of hay… and with the risk of not finding any needles.


You could leverage the work of another guy who already did that.

And get immediate access to the info you need,already sorted through and organized into understandable, actionable content.

Your choice.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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