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Nike’s Motivational Slogan Misguides Young Business Owner

Last night I read an old forum post that grabbed my attention.

It was written by a 20-year old guy and the title was “JUST DO IT.”

Here’s what he said:

“Just do it. That’s what I’ve told been telling myself these past few months. Start a blog, start a Youtube channel, it doesn’t have to be great. Although it’s not perfect, I’ve already posted two blog posts. They’re very random, and I don’t have a real niche that I’d like to talk about. But I’m doing it. And you should to!”

I applaud the young man’s actions.

But he is shooting himself in the foot.


He rushed things.

He wants to get some momentum going for his business.

But there’s a problem with momentum.

It will either bringer closer to your goals…or it will make you crash on a tree.

His blogs and videos are random.

He hasn’t chosen a niche or a market.

He doesn’t have an idea how to monetize his efforts.

I can already hear the ambulances rushing his way…


Being enthusiastic like this young man is great.

Life should be all about experimenting and making a mark in the world.

But he is young and has all the time in the world.

What about you?

Do you have all the time in the world?

If you do, you might like this young man’s “business” plan.

But what if you have limited time?

What if you are behind on your bills and you are getting older by the day?

Then you need a business that’s not based on cute slogans.

You need a business that’s rooted in solid, money-making principles.

You need a business like this.

Joseph Smith

Why Is It So Hard ?

I’ll tell you why it’s so hard for you.

And I’m speaking from personal experience here.

It’s because you’re paralyzed with information overload.

It’s because you’ve spent almost 12 months chasing shiny objects that failed you.

It’s because no one in your life believes you’ll ever succeed on the internet.

Thing is, you shouldn’t blame yourself.

Because it’s not that you know what you’re doing.

You’re just listening to the so-called experts who recommend systems they’re heavily invested in.

They need you to buy their crap so they make money.

Most experts are like that.

They’ll say anything to get you to buy something with their name on it.

With an exception or two.

And it takes some digging and sifting through BS until you find something good.

I, for one, been shoveling through horse manure for a couple of years now.

It wasn’t easy to stay motivated.

But I knew that eventually I would bump into something that’s going to completely turn things around for me.

And found that one thing.

Get details here

Joseph Smith

Faster Results Doesen’t Mean Bigger Risks

Contrary to popular belief: you don’t need to eat risk for breakfast.

Yes, we at-home-preneurs are a ballsy group.

We flicked off the man and went rogue.

We were the ones brave enough to chase our dreams instead of work 40 hours a week for 40 years.

The gleam in our eyes stems from a deeply ingrained belief that we are worthy of living life by our terms.

But that doesn’t mean you have to take huge risks to make your dreams come true!

Far from it, bud.

In fact, it’s easier than ever before to flick off your boss and quit on the spot.

All you gotta do is head over to The Easy 1 Up System. 

They have a global team doing the heavy lifting for you.

Consider it renting equipment.

Instead of building all the necessary tools and products and programs and resources and expertise.

You’re just going to rent theirs out.

And leverage their experience for faster results.

This is what the faster way looks like

Joseph Smith

What’s The Difference Between A Silver Bullet VS A Shortcut?

Everyone knows you can only lose weight through exercise, right?


Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Liposuction comes to mind.

Stick a tube in your gut and vacuum all the fat out.

Of course, you’re risking flabby skin, health issues and gaining all the weight (and more) back due to your poor eating habits.

The shortcuts always seem to come with a catch.

That’s why I’m weary of shortcuts.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not like I avoid them altogether.

Some shortcuts are pretty darn neat.

Like this supplement I take that keeps my heart rate up throughout the day to burn fat faster.

Or the vitamins I take to keep my calcium levels up for my bones.

Shortcuts, however, are different from silver bullets.

Shortcuts exist.

Silver bullets don’t.

And that’s really what you’re being sold on every day.

The magic buttons… the fairy dust!

The Easy 1 Up System is no silver bullet.

It’s a shortcut.

It won’t make you rich overnight.

It won’t fix your plumbing.

And it certainly won’t fix your marriage.

It’s the shortcut you need to avoid years of trial and error by getting training and coaching from someone with almost a decade of online experience put into an easy to follow system that comes with a full blown sales funnel, merchant support and high ticket product line!

Get details here

Joseph Smith

I Don’t Know About You, But I Feel It Aien’t Right

Sincerely, Meet guru John.

John’s a nice guy.

He’s an army veteran. A marine perhaps?

He’s got a bunch of YouTube videos.

He seems like the kind of guy you’d want to team up in a business.

And that’s exactly what you do.

You email John.

You speak with John on the phone.

John invites you to work together.

You fork out the $1,000 membership fee and $100 set up fee.

You’re sitting on the edge of your kitchen stool waiting for instructions.

But John doesn’t give you much besides some lame video tutorials you could easily find on YouTube.

You email John.


You get a little fed up and you send him a really angry email demanding help or refund.

Cue the major personality shift on John’s part.

He never gave you any special attention before, but now you feel the animosity.

He talks down to you as if you were an entitled 4-year-old asking for more cake.

You put all your trust into this guy and invested so much time and money so you stick around yet the only person making money is him.

Not you.

I don’t know about you, but I feel it isn’t right.

If you paid someone for help, they ought to help you.

If they can’t or won’t, they should give you your money back and get the hell out of your way.

Aren’t you tired of paying people to ignore you?

How much longer are you willing to sit there and take it?

Would you like to know where you can get real help with your online business?

Get help here
Joseph Smith

Success Open Up !!!!

Welcome! Excited to have you join my free newsletter.

The purpose of publishing this e-letter is simple – to help more people build a lifestyle-first online business.

What’s that?

It’s the sort of business that isn’t anything like running a brick and mortar business. You know, the kind where you need employees, storefront, fire department permits, huge equipment expenses, etc.

If you already got your feet wet in online marketing, that’s great.

This e-letter will give more tools and more strategies to enrich yourself through leveraged effort.

If you’re a greenie, that’s okay too. I’m going to show you the fastest and simplest way to get to your dream income before you’re too old to enjoy it!

In fact, to start us off on the right foot, I’ve handpicked my best income stream for you.

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Over the next several weeks I’ve got more goodies coming your way.

I’m going to show you what I do to operate my online business.

This isn’t going to cost you a thing. The tips I’m going to be sharing are yours free.

I will recommend the tools I use in my business. I’ve tested them all. And I’m giving you what works.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

What Will You Remember Doing Today!

Is today worth remembering? Are you getting closer to a life changing moment or are you drifting along the status quo?

Believe it or not, a man named Earl can tell you.

There was an old TV show called My Name is Earl where the main character travels around fixing all the things he’d done wrong in his life.

In one episode, Earl has a conversation with a young character named Alby about death. When Alby asks Earl what happens when you die, Earl says,

“Well, no one really knows for sure, but I like to think the first thing that happens in heaven is you get to watch your whole life on TV.”

And that was the whole point of the show. Earl was trying to fix everything he’d done wrong so when he looked back on his life one day he would be able to smile with no regret.

So if you died and were watching this moment over, what would you think?

Would you be glad that you kept working a job that overworked and underpaid you? Would you say “wow” when you walk into your apartment or home?

Would this moment even be worth watching? Does anything happen next that would make future you pause and watch over again? Or would future you fast-forward to the good stuff?

If your answers weren’t very encouraging, then here’s your solution to make this moment worth remembering.

It’s an online system called The Easy 1 Up and you’re going to want to remember the moment you joined.

Because the Easy 1 Up system allows its affiliates to work from their own computer and earn thousands every week doing it.

Right now you can make this moment the one that changed your life. The moment that you tell your kids about when they’re going out into the world on their own or you’ll talk about when someone asks you how you became a success.

Will you?

Click here to say yes.

Click here to find out more.


Joseph Smith

The 5 Things You Need In Order To Win (Big) In SFE

Inside of Six Figure Empire, we give you exactly what you need to be a success story, based on your definition of what that might look like for you.

Such as…

1. You need a SOLID D.M.O. (Daily Method Of Operation) to STICK TO (not drift around, bounce around all over, juggling many different opportunities or systems).

And no, checking email 31 times a day is not the answer.

Nor is watching cat videos on You tube.

Neither will bring you any real results and will only leave you on a vicious repetitive cycle of doom and gloom. This is exactly (WHY) you need a definitive plan to follow daily.

So you don’t wander around, clueless in the dark.

2. You need TRAFFIC (aka LEADS). Without real prospects dropping in on your offers, you will never make a dime. With leads, money can follow. Without leads, no money will ever follow.

3. You need CONVERSIONS! Yes, its great to see an in-box full of hot new leads, but if those leads are not buying what you’re offering them, then you’re in a sinking ship. You need to be able to convert leads into sales and sign ups.

4. You need a RELIABLE SYSTEM that can give you 1-3 above without any hassle.

5. You need PRODUCTS. Products that actually have VALUE in the hands of your customers. And not just gimmicky crap disguised as value like some of the other programs out there offer you.

You want VALUE in exchange for your money.

With Six Figure Empire, you’ll get many multiples back in the form of a system + products + training + automated commissions.

==> Click Here To Discover How You Can Start Banking 6-Figures Using Systems and Automation.



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The Magic (1) Page Sales Letter

New $20 SMS Tool Brings Leads To You

Whats The $6-Figure Napkin All About?

The One Occasion You Should’t Let People Join You

I just finished a call with Dean.

Dean is interested in joining The Easy 1 Up System so I told him to hop on a call with me and see if it’s the right thing for him.

Now, re-read the above sentence.

I didn’t tell him “sure, just click here, join me and all your money problems will be solved”.

Blasphemy you say?

Do you believe that the more people who link arms with you, the better?

Hold your horses.

Although it makes sense short-term, it sucks as a long-term strategy.

Here is why.

I knew nothing about Dean. I’m not sure if we click together. He might even believe that this time next month, he’ll be a gazillionaire.

Shouldn’t I understand what he expects from the company and me?

Shouldn’t I learn what his dreams are?

Heck, shouldn’t I know if he is a just a dreamer and not a doer?

He might make me invest time in him, ignore all the advice I give, quit and then bad mouth me because he failed.

This is why I hop on a call with people whenever I have time.

I don’t get as many team members as the online gooroos but hey, I make sure that my team is full of players not quitters.

How about you?

Are you a player or a quitter?

If you are a quitter, then there are a hundred gooroos who will make you lose your hard-earned cash.

If you are a player?

You should join my team today.

Joseph Smith