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It’s Simple. Studied. Money

What we do to make thousands of dollars per month from the comfort of our own home, or anywhere in the world that has a Wi-Fi connection, is very simple to understand.

Basically, its 3 pieces that make up our money puzzle.

#1: We place cheap ads that attract quality people to us

#2: We leverage a DONE FOR YOU sales system that does the telling and selling for us

#3: We get paid an average of $2400 a sale, direct to our pocket

…but some of you rock stars here on my email list keep asking me questions every time I send out an email,

…saying things like,

“so what exactly do I do?”

“what exactly do I sell?”

“how exactly do I make money?”

Which is precisely WHY you need to attend one of our masterclass sessions as to how you can begin getting paid what you’re worth.

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I’ll see you over there,

Joseph Smith

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Whats The $6-Figure Napkin All About?

Being Broke Sucks !!!

You probably can’t relate but let me tell ya anyways…

Being broke sucks.

I used to be a restaurant manager who’s worked in all of the major fast food joints, as well as, some of the big name sit down restaurant chains.

It was the same story wherever I went.

Long hours, boring routines, nights, holidays, weekends, 12-14 hours a day, only to end up going home and getting up the next day to do it all over again.

It was the perfect example of being on a hamster wheel.

If I stopped, I would be homeless inside of 2 months.

If I continued, I was selling my soul for $9.50 an hour, to a company who’s only objective was whether or not I could close on Friday night.

There (HAD) to be a better way.

Then it hit me.

September 2005.

I picked up a USA Today newspaper and there it was.

The AD that would save me.

The AD that would ultimately take me to 5-figures a month.

The AD that would introduce me to the idea of BIG TICKET.

And I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward the time clock, and here I am, 2020, some 15 years later, still benefiting from my decision to respond to that ad.

So now you have a choice to make.

To respond or not to respond.

That is the question.

You can decide to continue scrolling down your news feed or you can click that little Learn More button in the lower right corner of the ad that will take you to our automated messenger bot who will match you with the offer that’s best suited for you.

I’ll see you on the inside,


Six Figure Napkin

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Brazilian Takedown Makes Me Feel Safe For My Choices

What would you do if you were unable to work for two whole months?

How would you and your family pay the bills?

Would you still have a job when you got back?

Those were my exact worries in 2009.

I was practicing Capoeira at the time, a Brazilian martial art that uses acrobatics.

In one session, the teacher (we call him Mestre) and I demonstrated a movement ending with a take down.

For whatever reason, instead of landing on my back, I landed on my left shoulder.


The class went silent.

Mestre stared at me.

I stood up, raised my hands and announced everything was OK.

But only my right arm was in the air.

The left one was hanging next to my body, refusing to move.

Mestre grabbed it and forced my shoulder back into the socket with a big POP.

It hurt and I tried not to cry.

My wife hurried over and rushed me to the hospital.

There, the orthopedist prescribed two whole months rest.

“You better call your bosses and inform them you can’t do anything physical for those two months.”

“I work at home Doc, so I don’t have to call anyone.”

“Oh, you’re lucky then. Most people who dislocate an arm or injure their backs have it really tough. Even the ones with strained wrists are too scared to inform their bosses for fear of getting replaced.”

You know, back then I didn’t realize it but Doctor was right.

I was and still am, lucky.

I’m not sure what would have happened if I was still working a day job.

And frankly?

I don’t want to know.

I’m happy I did my due diligence way before this accident happened.

The question is what would you have done?

Are you prepared in case of an emergency like this?

Or will your whole financial stability crumble down?

Leaving you vulnerable.

You and your spouse struggling to pay the bills.

Your kids unable to have fun in life.

It would sting.

And you must prepare yourself.

Here is how to prepare against anything life throws at you.

Joseph Smith

P.S. I’m always amused by people who complain when they have an accident.

They blame their bad luck, their boss, the government, the Martians and everyone else when the don’t get financial support.

The sad reality is nobody cares about you.

Nobody will prepare a safety net in case you injure yourself something.

You’re all alone out there.

So you need to create your own financial safety net.

One that’ll protect you from everything.


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The 80-Hour Work Week Behind The 4-Hour One

Do you like the idea of a 4-hour work week?

I love it.

I mean enjoying life, with minimal stress while working 4 hours per week?

Sign me up.

Yet the idea behind it misguides lots of people.

And it misguides you.

What do I mean?

When you hear “4-hour work week” you think of the end result.

And subconsciously, you believe 4 hours per week will be enough for you to reach your goals.

Here is the truth Tim Ferriss and every other lifestyle guru wish you never find out.

Before you reach the 4 hour work week lifestyle, there’re months and even years of working up to 80 hours per week.

Of course, if Tim named his book “The 80-hour Work Week” it wouldn’t become a New York Times Bestseller.

He knows this is true and he has even admitted it in his later interviews.

Does this mean you’ll have to overwork yourself to death before living the dream life?


You see, back in the days, Tim didn’t have access to the systems needed to automate his business.

He went through lots of trial and error and literally had to fail forward.

Today he has systemised his business but wishes he was starting now – he would have saved lots of time.

And guess what?

The same systems Tim wishes were in place when he got started in 2002 are the ones included in the easy 1 up program .

They won’t serve you on a silver platter the 4 hour work week.

You still need to work hard.

But they’ll minimize any amount of time wasted and give you the road map for the lifestyle you want.

Whether that’s working 4 hours per week or even 2.

Grab them here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. In a recent interview, Tim commented on how he busts his ass whenever he is working on a project.

He’ll even use nootropics and performance enhancing supplements to keep himself sharp and productive for as long as possible.

When he is finished with the project, he enters a “maintenance mode” and reaps the rewards.

What do you notice?

He’s doing what I told you he does.

He works hard and then lets his systems do the work.


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100 Years Of Failing

People never stop amusing me.

Take for example my own family. When I announced I’ll beat the rat race and become financially independent, they gave me this pearl of conventional wisdom:

“If you don’t succeed, you’ll fail.

Most people do.”

They told me that 90% people fail when they start a business. Showed me a pie chart with all the expenses I was expected to have. My cousin even referenced a coworker of his who failed with his first business. He never mentioned his failures, of course…

I had second thoughts when I listened to them.

Maybe they were right?

But I wanted to believe I’ll succeed and chose to ignore them.

Today, I would make a simple statement:

“Yeah but if I don’t try I’ll be forever stuck in my dead end job, just like you.”

And it would drive them mad.


Because back then and even now, only a couple of them cared about me.

They warned me since they knew I would be sad, had I failed.

The rest of them? They didn’t want me to succeed because then, I would be a living example of their own cowardliness. I would remind them that they were too afraid to take their own first step. And remained forever just over broke, in a job they hate, unable to do the things they wanted.

Moral of the story?

People behave like crabs in a bucket. When one tries to get out, the other crabs will prevent it’s escape. They’ll go out of their way to grab it and keep it inside. Because they don’t want to see one of them getting ahead in life.

Most people are like that.

They will try to hold you back with their passive aggressive behaviors.

But when they do it, you only have to fight back.


By kicking them in the face and sending them back into the bucket to rot.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Here is something I never talk about.

I was furious with anyone who told me “you’ll fail”.

A better life wasn’t my only motivation.

I also wanted to prove them wrong.

And I attribute my aggressiveness in business to their lack of faith.

I was always thinking “wait and see” while working.

This type of thinking helped me overcome many obstacles.

So don’t just “think positively”.

If you have negative emotions stop suppressing them.

Allow them in.

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Why Disrespecting This Commandment Of Wealth Will Make You A Prisoner Of Your Job

“Sitting on an empty road in a blizzard in the dark of the night out in the middle of nowhere, I’d had it. Sometimes clarity washes over you like a peaceful breeze and other times it hits you over the head like a falling Steinway piano. For me, it was the latter. A sharp declaration overpowered my brain: ‘You cannot live another day like this!’”

That’s what made MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane, quit his dead-end job as a limousine driver and become a self-made millionaire.

My favorite part of his book is called “The Five Commandments of Wealth”.

MJ explains in detail the five ingredients any successful business must have.

They’re all great but personally, I love the lessons from the Commandment of Time.

Lots of people are married to their businesses and although they make tons of money, they can’t enjoy life.


Because they violate the Commandment of Time.

No matter what business you start, you must be able to detach it from your time.

It needs to work even if you sleep or are on vacation.

Sure getting motivated to “be your own boss” or “start your own business” is great.

But at the end of the day, you need to make your business work even if you’re not there.

How do you that?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s hard.

And you can lose many hours figuring everything out.

After all, everybody else online is violating the Commandment of Time.

They can’t teach you how to do what’s necessary.

For me, it took many years to nail down the processes needed to free my time.

They are my well-guarded treasure since they have given me peace of mind and time with my family.

I don’t share them with everyone.

I share them only with the elite few who join the Easy 1 Up Program

And I’ll share them with you when you join.

Joseph Smith

P.S. My other favorite Commandment is the one of Control.

You’re either in control of your financial plan or you aren’t.

There is no in between.

If you’re not driving, someone else is in control.

If you’re a hitch hiker on someone else’s business, you make at best good money.

But if you’re the driver, you make big money.


Joseph Smith


Why You Should Worry About The Disappearance Of Door To Door Salesmen

This is a real story about Norman Hall, a man who shouldn’t exist.

He is the last of a special breed of door-to-door salesmen.

A Fuller Brush salesman.

If you’re younger than forty you may not recognize them, yet the Fuller Brush was one of the biggest companies of the 20th century.

Back in the days, you couldn’t avoid their salesmen.

They would climb ladders, prevent you from closing the door with their foot, insist you let them in, and would make their way out after they’ve sold you stuff you didn’t need.

Yet in the 21st century, except for Norman, they’re all extinct.

So what happened?

And why should you care?

According to him, people want to take their time before buying.

This is why Amazon, Ebay, and other online stores became so popular.

Not only you can buy anything you want from home, you also choose products at your own pace and look for the best prices.

The complete opposite of what Norman and his co-workers did back in the days.

And with the rise of the Internet they either had to quit or become relics of the past like him.

Yet, it didn’t happen only to them.

Companies that are too full of themselves file for bankruptcy.

Hundreds of jobs vanish overnight with the creation of a single website.

Tens of thousands of people, no matter how good at their jobs, wake up one day and face the sad truth:

“You’re no longer needed.”

You can’t fight progress.

Not as long as you have a job that ignores it.

So what do you do?

You need a business which grows in alignment with the market’s trends and keeps you always a step ahead.

You never fight the sea of change.

You ride its waves and profit from them while others stay stuck in their old ways.

Actually, this is the reason you’ll like the Easy 1 Up Program .

It has a built in “stay ahead of the game” mechanism when you follow the plan.

And you can test it for yourself here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Here is more about Norman.

He is seventy-five years old and not sure how long he’ll keep selling door-to-door.

He needs to visit dozens of houses every day and if he is lucky, have one of them buy.

His earnings can be as low as $7,49 for moth deodorant blocks.

People buy because they feel sorry for him.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to teach this old any new tricks.

Yet, if he was younger I would have liked to present him with a much better solution than what he follows.

A solution which will allow him to retire early, make more money, all while retaining his dignity.


Joseph Smith

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Why Giving Birth Should Be Monitored

Why giving birth should be monitored

I would like to know how you would react in this scenario:

My cousin John and his girlfriend Nicole got engaged last night.

They’re both happy and think of having a baby.

Yet John works at construction 2-3 times per week. Nicole is a nail artist with a non-existent clientele. And they live with John’s parents.

You can understand my surprise when I learned about the baby.

“How will you support the baby man?”

“Well, my parents said they’ll chime in and so will Nicole’s. It’ll all work out!”

I’m 100% sure if they have a child, they’ll doom it from day one.

They rely on their parents now.

But the parents are old.

What’ll happen when they’re no longer around?

Where will John and Nicole live, who’ll chime in and how will they take care of the baby?

If you ask me, I believe in cases like this there should be a “Birth Control Committee”.

It should stop parents like them from having a baby.

And it’s not just parents.

Many people think this way.

They hope and pray to God everything turns out OK.

This is a poor excuse of a mindset.

I won’t get all inspirational to you, so let’s be realistic.

If your finances are abysmal, you don’t hope they’ll become better.

You must change something.

For some, it can be their job.

They might find a better one which gives more money.

For others, it’s not an option.

So what do you do?

You start your own business.

A business that increases your income.

Allows you to support your future kid.

Makes you independent without relying on God or your parents.

Provides you with a solid foundation for when something unspeakable happens and you can’t financially stand on your own feet.

A business like this.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Between you and me, I don’t think things will work out with John.

A couple years ago I made him join the Easy 1 Up program.

I wanted him to financially stand on his own feet.

Yet it takes two to tango.

He didn’t want to help himself.

How can I be so sure?

He quit after one month. He had just started dating Nicole and they wanted to spend more time together. So he decided that 1-2 hours every day were too big a time commitment.

Are a couple of hours every day such a big deal?


If he wanted to break free from his job, he would’ve found the time needed, don’t you think?

Yet, instead of a solution, he came up with an excuse.

I believe you’re different than him since you read this.

So, I want you to join the Easy 1 Up Program while knowing it’s not as easy as “one minute of work per day”.

What do you think?

Joseph Smith

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I Didn’t Invent Capitalism, I Only Play By It’s Rules

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, perhaps the most well-known comic in the world.

Yet, Adams is also a successful businessman and his book “How to fail at almost everything and still win big” is full of nuggets for anyone interested in succeeding and making lots of money.

On chapter three, he shares his first business lesson ever.

Adams, twenty-one at the time, wearing a cheap looking suit, was on a plane to California.

Next to him was a businessman in his early sixties. Out of curiosity, Scott asked him what his job was. Turns out he was the CEO of a big company. He liked Scott and so gave him his first lesson in business:

“Every time I get a new job, I immediately start looking for a better one.

The way I look at it, I don’t owe my current boss any loyalty.

He can fire me any time.

So what do I do?

I keep my options open, always looking for a better opportunity.

I didn’t invent capitalism – I’m only playing by its rules.”

Scott took his advice at heart.

And since then, he kept looking for the best opportunity he could find.

And he found it.


Now he is the boss.

Both he and this elderly businessman are right. You must never rely too much on your current job. Everything seems fine for a while. And then, one day, you are replaced by a guy or gal who is younger and gets paid way less than you.

Your boss didn’t invent capitalism.

Yet he will play by its rules.

He won’t care about you.

And before the time comes, what should you do?

You should tip the odds in your favor.

Joseph Smith

P.S. One more thing Scott realized on his flight?

The importance of systems.

If the businessman had as his goal a good job in a decent company, he would either have been replaced or hate his life.

The businessman had a system.

A system of always being on the look-out for decent opportunities.

It was this mindset which allowed him to succeed in life.

And if you want to be successful in anything you do, guess what?

You also need to search for decent opportunities.

3 Tips For Online Success On A Shoestring Budget

Do you catch yourself thinking that in order to profit like gangbusters online, you need to have a budget of thousands of dollars every month?

What if I told you that it can be done on a shoestring budget?

You see, people make three mistakes that create the illusion only the rich succeed online. That anyone with a mid or low level of income is doomed to mediocre results. And it prevents them from succeeding.

So today, I’m sharing those three mistakes.

And if you’re smart, you’ll avoid them.

1. The land of software confusion

“Yo, what kind of funnel software do you use?”

“Should I buy the Sales Page Ultimate Creator 2016?”

“XYZ guru said that you only need his new plugin for online dominance”.

People over complicate software all the time.

Sure there is a place and time for it.

It’ll help you automate your business and spend less time on it every day.

But until you start making good money, stick with what you already have been given.

2. Put your ad budget in one basket.

Google ads.

Facebook ads.

Instagram ads.

All other kinds of ads.

They all have their place.

But don’t spread your ad budget thin. Choose one medium and focus on it until you get huge returns from your efforts. Then, invest part of the extra money on another ad medium. Rinse and repeat.

3. Wank off on social media

This might seem strange.

And you’ll roll your eyes as I explain it.

Still, it bears repeating since you’re doing it.

If you spend more than one hour every day on social media, without doing anything to help your business grow, guess what?

You’re wanking off.

And even worse?

Every hour spent on doing anything else than catapulting your business forward, is an hour wasted.

Stop treating your time like air – it’s not unlimited.

You only have a set amount of time left.

Use it wisely.


Avoid the above mistakes like the plague.

You’ll be able to succeed on a limited budget, while everyone else debates the software of the month.

Of course, there’s an even deadlier mistake.

Heck, if you do this one thing you can have a Trump-like budget, and still, fail.

What’s that?

Being part of a failing opportunity.

This will make sure you waste your time, throw your money in the gutter and feel miserable.

The solution?

Join a worthwhile opportunity.

Then your limited budget won’t be an issue.

And you’ll finally see why you don’t have to be rich to profit online.

Here is the one opportunity I suggest.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Here is a suggestion you can combine with mistake number three.

Consuming content and educational material (aka consumption) is good.

Yet, you should make time for applying what you learn (aka production).

Every hour not wasted on social media, is an hour where you’ll produce.

I suggest 10 hours of production for every 1 hour of consumption.

And what if you aren’t sure the education you get is good enough?