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Brotherly Love At It’s Finest

Alex was only six years old, but he had already developed a psychogenic stuttering disorder.

Alex and his three-year-old brother, Tom, went with their mom to a coffee shop every Friday morning, because she was part of a social group for preschool moms.

And every week, she gave Alex three dollars to buy two pieces of shortbread: one for himself and one for Tom.

Only problem was, Alex was never able to muster up the words to order himself the shortbread, and he was too ashamed to tell his mom.

I won’t keep you in suspense. As underdeveloped as Alex’s speech was, Tom’s was overdeveloped. Tom proudly waddled up to the cashier and asked for “two cookies,” one for him and one for his big brother.

Sometimes, we need help.

With List leverage, so many of your business functions are covered, including these:
–Front-end web design
–Tech infrastructure support
–Marketing funneling and lead development
–Phone sales (phew!)
–Back end order fulfillment and customer care
One of my favorite parts of my job is the look on a new business owner’s face when they realize they never have to make their own sales again.

We’d love to be your Tom, too.

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Joseph Smith

Being Rewarded For Cheating The System?

Have you seen this story about the Post Mates guy on Facebook yet?

Lukas Yla had just a few weeks of money to live off while he visited San Francisco to look for a marketing job with a tech company.

That would be difficult enough, But Yla is also from Lithuania and has no business or education experience in America.

So what was the first thing he did to get closer to finding a job?

He found a bakery that made good doughnuts and ordered a hamburger from the delivery service Post Mates.

You might think that he was just being lazy, but Yla actually was laying the groundwork for a genius plan.

Yla tested out the Post Mates system so he could disguise himself and deliver the doughnuts (which he also tested thoroughly) to CEOs in the area.

He also snuck his resume into the box so that when they opened the box they had to read it.

Yla even went as far as copying the Post Mates logo onto a t-shirt to complete his look.

The results?

Out of the 40 boxes he delivered, he landed 10 interviews.

Including one with Post Mates after they heard his story.

See, CEOs could have kicked Yla out and Post Mates could have sued him for using their logo.

But because he was creative, Yla was rewarded for working around the system.

And you can too.

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Joseph Smith

The $ 100 Billion Lie

Have you ever thought about how crazy it is that we pay for bottled water?

Sure, everyone likes to point to Fiji and Voss water and say “It’s just water.”

But most people don’t see how crazy it is that there’s even a market for bottled water.

Almost 3 quarters of the Earth is covered in water, it falls from the sky, and in most parts of the world it’s rare for a building not to have running water.

But that doesn’t stop people from spending over $100 billion on bottled water a year.

So when most tap water is usually just as clean and even tastes better than bottled water (and free), why do people pay for bottled water?

Because most people aren’t mentally prepared to drink tap water.

Most people think tap water is dirty, which is why they only use it to wash (!?)

And all it takes is a filter to fix that, but most people never think beyond what they already know about tap water…and waste money.

Then some people just don’t fill up their own water bottles and end up spending money every day on a bottle of something they could get for free.

It’s just like how most people treat their jobs.

They don’t think about other possibilities than what everyone else is doing, and even if they do they aren’t prepared to handle the details of a different type of job.

List leverage takes care of both of those problems.

List leverage is an online business system where affiliates are given ads to place on sites like Craigslist and Facebook.

They earn commissions worth thousands on those ads without ever wasting time driving to an office or struggling with the details of online marketing.

Basically, List leverage affiliates get all the benefits of drinking tap water without having to think about it.

So will you keep paying for bottled water, or will you wise up and join List leverage?

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Joseph Smith

Why Your Heading For Disappointment

Our DVRs are beautiful machines.

They allow us to pause, fast forward, and rewind our favourite shows.

That means we can skip what we don’t like, watch what we do as many times as we want, and pause a show until we are ready to watch it.

Oh, if only life were so sweet.

But it’s not.

Your life is ticking away right now with every word you read.

And you have no control over it.

You can’t pause and start something when you’re ready to do it.

You can’t fast forward until its done.

And you can’t rewind to fix mistakes you made in the past because life isn’t like a DVR.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news.

You have an incredible opportunity spelt out right in front of you so you can’t miss it.

It’s called List leverage and it can turn your computer into a goldmine.


With a proven online system that has sent out over $25 million in commissions to people just like you.

But this email isn’t about numbers and detailed business plans.

You can hear all about that by clicking the link at the end.

This email is about mistakes and the impossibility of changing them in the past.

So if there was a chance for you to earn a fortune without ever leaving your house, and once you passed it up you wouldn’t be able to go back and try it again, wouldn’t you read more about it?

You can with one click below.

Or you can go on with your life.

Just don’t try to hit the rewind button, you’ll be disappointed

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Joseph Smith

The Reason Why You Are Not Successful

Feeling sorry for yourself?

Tired of working behind a desk or commuting 5 days a week with no end in sight?

Well, Haruki Murakami has a little advice for you on what you should do in his book, Norwegian Wood.

It goes, “Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only quitters do that.”

If you’re reading this from your computer, then there is no reason why you can’t be earning thousands every week from wherever you want.

Because List leverage is an accessible and easy to use system where people just like you have placed ads (which they didn’t even make) online and made money while they slept.

Because they used the List leverage system to funnel traffic towards their products 24/7.

The only thing List leverage affiliates do is drive traffic to their ads.

They don’t close sales. They don’t make ads. They don’t struggle through long payment processing.

They place ads and get paid.

You don’t have any excuses to feel sorry for yourself.

All you have to do to access it is click below.

But if you want to keep feeling sorry for yourself and be an a quitter, then you can just exit out now.

Choice is yours. Just don’t say you didn’t have any chances.
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Joseph Smith

Is It Time To Get Rid Of Democracy And Desk Jobs ?

Here’s a quote from Winston Churchill that you just might identify with during this election season.

“The best argument against democracy is a five – minute conversation with the average voter.”

Look at your social media accounts and you’ll see how right he was.

But this email isn’t about people who believe too much and research too little.

It’s about you and the fortune you’re missing out on.

Look at the quote this way, “The best argument against a 9 – 5 desk job is a five-minute conversation with the average worker.

Just think about the way most people talk about their jobs.

They dread going to them, complain about them when they’re finally off work, and are bored out of their minds while they’re at them.

So, go ahead and ask the average person if they’re happy with their job. They might say yes at first, but all it takes if 5 minutes for them to show you that the average job is exactly what you don’t want.

But ask a List leverage affiliate if they’re happy with their job and after 5 minutes you’ll probably be ready to sign up.

List leverage affiliates get to work from their own computers, never create ads or close any sales, and can earn commissions worth $3,000.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of being an List leverage affiliate.

Want to hear more?

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Joseph Smith

How Much Shame Is On Your Shoulders?

There’s a popular saying that goes, “Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.”

If that’s true, then there’s a lot of shame resting on my


How many times have you thought you knew what you were doing and

why you were doing it, only to have to rug pulled out from under

your feet leaving you on your ass?

Because I know I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me more

times than I care to count, and it’s usually because of a mistake

I’ve made more than once.

Not researching a product before I buy it. Trusting someone

without them proving they deserve it. Spending too much and saving

too little.

You name it, chances are I’ve done it.

So am I the biggest fool in the history of humanity?


Because chances are you’ve made the same mistakes way more than

once too.

Maybe you did something small like trusting the cat not to scratch

up your furniture again.

Or maybe you did something even bigger like choosing the wrong

career path for yourself again.

But even mistakes as big as that have solutions.

And it’s called List leverage.

List leverage is an online business system that has been perfected through

years of trail and errors.

Affiliates place ads online and receive the sales commissions.

And that’s it.

Affiliates never close sales or deal with difficult customers,

work anywhere other than their own computer, and don’t even have

to create ads.

List leverage is different from just about any other job, so most people

don’t understand its value.

But List leverage works so well that if you don’t earn a commission within

30 days of completing your training you’ll get the money you gave to

join back x 10.

If you’re ready to stop being fooled and start making a serious

online income, click here to learn more about List leverage.




Joseph Smith

There Has Never Been More Predators Than Now

In today’s world of organic everything and kale smoothies, places

like McDonalds and Taco bell have taken a popularity hit.

But what does it say about our society when there are more payday

loan businesses than there are Taco Bells and McDonalds in


You know, those places that promise people cash fast.

It sounds reasonable that people need money so they can buy food,

but getting money from a payday loan business isn’t that simple.

Because almost half of the people who borrow money from payday

loan companies end up defaulting on their loans.

The reason?

While not all payday loan businesses are predatory, there are many

that purposefully give out loans that they know people will

default on so they can make money of interest rates.

Now, what does it say about society that there are more payday

loan businesses than McDonalds and Taco Bells?

Whatever it is, it’s not good.

That’s why List leverage is a rare opportunity.

List leverage is an online business system that allows affiliates to earn

commissions worth thousands without ever leaving their home.

And that means List leverage affiliates are able to escape the rate race of

office politics and cheap scams that people use to trick others

out of their money.

Because List leverage is a tried and true system.

In fact, if you don’t earn a sales commission within 30 days of

finishing your training, you’ll get your money back x 10.

So, will you take your income online and out of the rat race?

Click here to say yes.

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Joseph Smith

Can You Create Your Own Hollywood

We all know that Los Angeles was the entertainment capital of the


But did you know that Chicago was originally the place to be for

filmmakers during the silent film era?

Look it up, it’s a fact.

So, what happened?

During the 1920s Thomas Edison had a patent on the only camera

that was widely available.

And he only allowed 9 studios to use his camera, and of course he

charged them a fee.

But some people made films without paying Tom his fee.

And Edison sued them.

Solution? Every filmmaker that didn’t have Edison’s approval,

moved as far away from Edison as they could.

And that just happened to be Los Angeles.

Are the pressures of YOUR life telling you need to move to

somewhere more favorable?

Maybe you can’t literally move away, but you can at least DO

something far different from what you’re doing now. You can MOVE

your money-making ventures as far away from your current job as


Do you need to make a move?

Start here…Now


Joseph Smith

The Times Are Changing, Are You ?

As Nobel laureate Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a-changin’”

It’s estimated that by 2021 digital ads will be more prevalent

than traditional media in local markets.

15 years ago, digital was just a blip on traditional advertising’s


But now digital advertising has everything else on the ropes.

Don’t believe it?

Go ask anyone who works at a newspaper.

They’ll tell you how hard it is to get anyone to read an actual

newspaper, much less sell ads in them.

Go ask someone who advertises on Facebook.

They’ll tell you that business has never been better.

And now you can jump on the digital advertising train and ride it

to success with List leverage.

List leverage is an online business system that takes advantage of all the

benefits of advertising online.

Affiliates work from their own computers and never speak to a


But they can still earn commissions worth $3,000 – $5,000 every


Without ever creating a single ad.

It’s estimated that digital advertising revenue will increase from

$44 billion to $50 billion in the next year alone.

And it’s never been easier to take your slice of that $50 billion

than with List leverage.

Don’t get left behind with the scraps of traditional advertising

because you’ve never advertised online.

Click here to learn more about digital advertising with List leverage.

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