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Three Reasons Why To Never Click On Penny Hoarder Ads

Do you keep seeing Facebook ads for “The Penny Hoarder?”

It’s a website that pumps out article after article of small ways to make small money from home.

Here’s why respectable people like you shouldn’t give them any web traffic:

– Their solutions are unsustainable.

I know as well as you that money gets tight. But I also know that “tight money” is the symptom, not the problem. List leverage provides a consistent passive income stream that is a sure financial foundation.

– It’s self-disrespecting.

Think about their name: “Penny hoarder.” You’re not a Penny Hoarder. You’re a hard worker willing to invest in a well-proven, time-tested money-making opportunity when it comes knocking.

– Positive psychology benefits.

It does wonders for your psychology to know that the money you’re putting down on your kids’ education, your week-long vacation, or your down-payment on a new car comes from your hard work at something you own. Watching videos of celebrities and completing surveys doesn’t have that same effect.

If you’ve ever been tempted to click on Penny Hoarder, that’s a symptom. (I’ve been there, and I know it well.)

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Joseph Smith

A Surprisingly Religious Solution To Your Work Life.

Does something in your work life or financial life need to change?

I recommend a surprising method: prayer.

Some people pray by closing the door, closing their eyes, kneeling on the ground, folding their hands, and speaking their hearts and minds to God.

But I’m thinking of a different kind of prayer…

The Bible tells a surprising story about prayer:

A widow, feeling she has been wronged, visits a judge night and day, nagging.

Just nagging.

Pulling on his sleeve and reminding him, “I’m here! I’m here! Whatcha gonna do?”

Eventually, according to Jesus, the judge gives her what she wants. Not because she deserves it… But because her nagging worked.

If that counts as prayer, the List leverage phone sales team is extremely religious.

And, oh, did I mention that they not only make all your phone sales for you, but they will also fulfill your orders and deal with your customers?

You can do all you want of the first kind of prayer; but if you start with List leverage, we’ll nag night and day for you. And don’t get me started on the commissions we pay out…

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Joseph Smith

This Job Interview Will Make You Angry

Earlier this week, a daughter of a friend of mine had a job interview for a first-year teaching position.

What the principal told her will make you furious.

Here are some of the things he said:

“I see you majored in music. So did I! We’ll have to set aside several hours a week for you to observe our music classes.”

“We understand that the transition from college to the workforce can be a lonely one. Our staff goes out to see movies together, play volleyball together, and some people even go horseback riding together!”

“I’m sorry cash is tight. If you need some of your salary upfront to put down money at your apartment, we can make that happen.”

She hung up and cancelled all of her other interviews, because she wants to work for this school.

When I tell this story, people have one of three reactions:

1. Jealousy: “I wish I had a job like that.”
2. Smug denial: “Jobs like that don’t exist; something will go wrong.”
3. Action: “Are they still hiring?”

Those first two people are still reeling in their bitterness.

The third person didn’t get a job as a teacher; he started a business with List leverage.

Be your own boss, and join a collaborative, non-competitive community of mentors and peers who are on your team.

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Joseph Smith

Why Leadership Seminars Suck

Somehow, a friend of mine just roped me into attending a *yaaawn* leadership webinar, and I learned SO MUCH.

Some self-proclaimed leadership guru got up and asked everyone to describe the perfect leader.

After listening to their riveting ideas, here are my 4 biggest takeaways about… why leadership webinars suck.

1. They offer no real opportunity. All a guru can do is make you feel good about yourself. They can’t give you a job, make you money, or offer you support.

2. Participation trophies… The smiling crocodile giving the presentation simply praised everyone’s silly answers. Real leaders don’t affirm wrong answers. They show you what you’re doing wrong… so you can do it the right way.

3. Gurus are leeches. They’re unemployed — either because they’re not willing to get a job, or because no one will hire them. They only make money when gullible people give in.

4. List leverage is the better way.

We take your success too seriously to make you feel good about yourself.

We offer you real opportunities to make money.

Our methods work. Make commissions in the $1000s, $3000s, $5000s, or $9000s.

So act now, or else…

Heck, business here is so good, it hardly makes a difference whether you click or not.

This is more about you than me.

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Joseph Smith

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Years ago, I found myself attending a conference that served the strangest breakfast I had ever seen.

Next to the football-shaped hashbrown patties and the football-shaped fake omelets, I saw a heavily breaded patty that looked like chicken.

So I took two.

When I returned to my table, I noticed it was full of southern gentleman, one of whom introduced himself:

“Good mornin’ to ya. Name’s Jimmy Chupp.”

Of course that was his name.

In an attempt to make conversation, I said, “This is my first time having fried chicken for breakfast!”

Without missing a beat, Jimmy’s shorter, bearded friend shot back, “That’s baked chicken, not fried chicken. You’re mistaken.”

It seemed I had offended several of the men at the table.

Good thing I hadn’t been in charge of catering. I probably would have made several mistakes that felt minor to me but major to everyone else in the room.

The thing is, we don’t know what we don’t know. And we need a coach to tell us.

I want to offer you a guide and a plan to navigate our new economy. No one knows the online business industry like our coaches do, and our 3-step guide is proven to set up your passive income stream for you.

You don’t know what you don’t know but, like Jimmy Chupp…

We do.

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Joseph Smith

Sleeping Through Another Leadership Seminar, Take II

Last week, a friend of mine roped me into attending another ho-hum, put-you-to-sleep leadership seminar.

Apparently I was too polite, because they invited me to another one this week.

But my time’s too valuable for that, so I said “No.”

He protested and then tried appealing to my emotions.

So I gave him these three good reasons why feel-good gurus will never make effective leaders:

1. They lie. First, this guru did what a lot of gurus do: appeal to people’s self-esteem by calling them all leaders. But he’s forgotten one of the essential attributes of a leader: followers. The better the leader, the more followers they have.

2. They create no value. The only thing they sell is themselves. (And where I come from, we call that prostitution.) The only thing they can offer you is a chance to make them money by making them more famous. Of course, they’ll give you a cut.

3. They have bad fake smiles. Okay, this isn’t a legitimate reason; it just bugs me is all.

List leverage is here to tell you the truth: you’re not a leader. You don’t have customers. But the reason we exist is to get you more customers so that… you will become what you are not yet. A leader.

I’m not going to ask you to make me famous. You go and set up your own business, under your own name, and use us as a resource, not a mascot.

Finally, no fake smiles here. List leverage has made my life better, not perfect. Nothing will make your life perfect. The success of our business model hinges on our sales, not on being happy-flappy-and-you-can-toooo!

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Joseph Smith

The Two Ingredients To True Progress

American politicians would like to think they’re making progress, but most of them are missing the two essential ingredients:

To make progress requires only two things:
1. A fixed goal.
2. The belief that you haven’t yet gotten there.


The problem with the far left is that they keep adjusting the goal!
The problem with the far right is that they think they’ve arrived!

But let’s not talk about politics. Let’s talk about what you can immediately control.

Say what you want about high taxation,
about inequitable privilege,
about whatever.

While we wait for politics to sort itself out, there’s something you can do in the meantime:
1. Admit that you envision a life with fewer financial barriers.
2. Admit you haven’t arrived.

Then, set aside a couple evenings a week to develop an online business using our template, our products, our consultation, our product fulfillment… and soon you’ll be racking in our commissions.

Making progress is on you.



Joseph Smith

How Much Would You Pay For 3000 Views

What’s the best way to get a room of people’s attention?

Scream fire.

But now that we have social media, one person took that type of thinking to a whole new level.

And payed a dear price for it.

Johnny Mullins was an aspiring weatherman from Kentucky who posts videos on Facebook called “Weather Outlook” where he predicts the weather.

Mullins was unhappy with the number of views his videos were getting.

So what’d he do?

Across the Southeastern United states there had been forest fires the past couple of weeks, and Mullins seized that as an opportunity.

He couldn’t get close enough to a real forest fire, so he started one and filmed an update with it in the background.

The video earned him almost 3,000 views, but he also earned 2nd degree arson charges.

Too many online advertisers do that same thing.

They try to make flashy ads that will grab someone’s attention on Facebook and other sites, but they are really wasting time and money.

But you don’t have to be one of them thanks to List leverage.

List leverage is an online affiliate system where you will be given perfectly designed ads to place online using a system that has already earned over $25 million in sales commissions for its affiliates.

So instead of doing something stupid to earn hits on your ads, why not join a system where you don’t have to create a single ad but still earn thousands every week?

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Joseph Smith

Your Running Out Of Time!

If you thought Facebook politicians were bad before, you might want to stay offline for the next couple of months.

Maybe make that a year just to be safe.

Because if there’s one thing that was completely unavoidable at the end of this election, it was emotional and ridiculous Facebook posts.

If you’ve even thought about getting on Facebook this week, then you know how divided and upset people are.

And you know what that means?

One. Big. Waste. Of. Time. And. Potential.

Facebook is the ultimate moneymaking platform.

Almost 2 billion people all logging into the same place? That’s an advertiser’s dream.

With how much time people are spending arguing and spilling their hearts into their posts could you imagine how well one perfectly placed ad would do right now?

We’re talking serious money.

But 99% of the nearly 2 billion people online will completely miss out on any money to be made.

Will you be part of the small group that doesn’t?

You can be with List leverage.

List leverage is an online business system where affiliates place ads on sites like Facebook and Craigslist.

The ads are prepared for them. All the affiliate has to do is place the ad (which they’re taught to do by their own personal mentor) and let the cash flow in.

List leverage works so well that you can earn commissions of up to $5,000 on a regular day.

Can you imagine how well you could do right now?

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Joseph Smith

How To Avoid The Stream Of B.S

Well, we knew it was going to happen.

Some people are happy about the results of the American presidential election, some are upset, and everyone is wondering where the U.S. and the rest of the world is heading.

And if you take everything you read and hear on the news as fact, then everything from a 3rd World War to the best 4 years of all time is possible.

So how should you adjust your plans and goals to work in the President Elect America?

Take chances? Buckle down? Leave the country?

None of the above.

You shouldn’t adjust your plans or goals a single inch because the only person in control of your future and wealth is you and you alone.

No matter who the President is, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself to raise your income and better your life.

And now you have the chance to make your living in a way that’s in your hands and your hands alone.

No company wide ups and downs. No misguided bosses. Not even a distracting workplace.

You can work from your own computer wherever you’re most comfortable and earn sales commissions worth thousands every week with a simple but lucrative system called List leverage.

Don’t believe it?

The guy who founded List leverage earned $51,373,000 over 5 years and you can do the exact same thing when and where you choose!

This is your chance to rise above politics and the steady stream of B.S. that pulls most people to disappointing earnings.

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Joseph Smith