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Here Comes A Blast From Our Past!

It’s time to turn back the clock to high school literature class, because I’m about to tell you a story from the Odyssey.

(Don’t worry. My version is waaaay shorter…)

Before we get to Odysseus tricking the Cyclops, resisting the Sirens, and bursting home to ravage the suitors and… enjoy his wife, there’s another hero:

His son, Telemachos.

But Telemachos doesn’t start out like a hero.

He mopes around at home while a horde of piggish men gobble up his dad’s food, guzzle down his dad’s wine, and make daily passes on his mom.

The gods know that something’s gotta give, so Athena flits down, disguises herself as ‘Mentor,’ and tells Telemachos off:

“You should not go on clinging to your childhood. You are no longer of an age to do that.”

Her words, through harsh, fill his heart with courage, and he feels “fathered” by her.

By my observations, I think that one of the struggles of adulthood is not having authority figures to give us the harsh but encouraging words we need to press forward and make a change.

Want one?

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Joseph Smith

Story. Why Is Finding work So Hard

I want to tell you a parable about work.

One day, a CNN reporter covered a story on the difficulty of finding work in 21st century America.

Three friends had watched it together, huddled around the Democrat’s iPad mini: a Republican, a Democrat, and Laura. (We never quite figured out what Laura was… she didn’t talk much…)

The Republican stood up halfway through, pointed his finger at his friends, and said, “If poor people would just bend their backs and work hard, they could stop complaining about privilege problems and just enjoy their lives.”

The Democrat, offended, pointed out, “While that’s okay in theory, do you have any idea about what kinds of barriers prevent willing and able people from accessing the work opportunities that privileged people like you have?”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The Republican shot back, “In the meantime, your welfare program is stopping them from working.”

The Democrat: “No, their unfair background is stopping them from working.”

“Why don’t they get their act together and apply for jobs?”

“They can’t apply for jobs.”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The two went on for days, arguing about which forces were preventing people from working.

Meanwhile, Lori thought to herself: “I’m no economist, and I’m no philosopher. I don’t know what’s preventing people from finding work. I’m grateful that all I need to start my own business through List leverage is $49 and access to a computer.”

By the end of the week, the two were no closer to reaching an agreement. But Lori had already made two sales.

Moral of the story: Leave the big-picture questions to the pundits, and do work when you have it. Be a Lori.

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Joseph Smith

Remember All Those People Who Said They Would Move To Canada?

Remember when everyone swore they’d flee the country if Donald Trump was elected President?

Including Laura.

Digital analytics firm, Luminoso, reported about 180,000 such tweets in 2016.

My two predictions were…

1. Less than 10% of the people who say they will… actually will
2. Those who do won’t experience the freedom they were looking for

So, what happened with Laura?

Last year, Canada reported 9,000 immigrants from the US, including those fleeing Trump.

That means that less than 5% of them did what they said they did.

Turns out Laura made the move.

And just a few months later, she found herself bumping into the same frustrations.

Here are my two takeaways from this story:

1. Most people who say they’ll take action don’t. They’re satisfied with the emotional “high” of thinking they will. But that always disappears.

2. Drastic change doesn’t always work. It has to be the right change.

That’s why we’re calling you to take action right now.

Don’t move to Canada.

Change the shape of your work instead:

– No bureaucratic red tape
– No incompetent supervisors
– No earning ceiling
– No administrative soul-suckish tasks

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Joseph Smith

Don’t Read This Email…Get Back On Your Treadmill

Tis the season for making New Year’s resolutions.

When I see the people around me make their annual attempt at forming habits of healthy living, I can’t help but think how strange some of them are.

For example, think about jogging on a treadmill.

It’s ridiculous.

You spend tons of energy and pints of sweat bobbing up and down on a conveyor belt like you’re a freaking head of lettuce at the grocery store trying to avoid getting picked up and scanned by the pimply cashier.

But the point is, you spend a lot of energy going nowhere.

There’s a difference between getting in shape for the sake of getting in shape, and getting in shape as a byproduct of doing something worthwhile.

If you think a new “hobby” or “job” is going to get you in better shape — give you some professional development, boost your confidence — you’re not right for List leverage.

List leverage isn’t for getting in shape; it’s for making serious money, scientifically and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a self-help opportunity, click here, and I’ll have someone direct you to a treadmill retailer.

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Joseph Smith

This Is The Only Way To Guarantee New Habits

Habits drive personal growth, and new ventures drive new habits.

It’s hard to set new habits when you’re stuck in the same rut.

My friend Greg didn’t start interior decorating until he moved apartments. New space = new place to design.

My friend Michael didn’t become a cook until he got new cookware, spices, and a personal challenge for his birthday.

You’re not going to grow professionally and breathe easy financially until List leverage gives you a personal coach to egg you on.

Do you want to grow closer to your goals or shrink farther from them?

That’s what I thought.

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Joseph Smith

Setting Your Own Hours

Gurus tend to draw unrealistically sharp distinctions.

They paint our strange, multi-colored world in black-and-white strokes:

“Do this for 30 days, and your life will do a 180!”
(Then they hire some toned chick to hold an exercise ball, smile, and give an endorsement)

One guru tried to reach out to me with this sappy line:

“Is your house built on shifting sand, or is it built on a rock?”

First off, he’s trying to hi-jack Jesus’ line.
Second off, that’s no way to talk about building houses.

Listen, the only thing about life that doesn’t change is this fact: Things change.

But you knew that.

So here’s my pitch:

Build your house on more densely packed sand.

There is no better way in this politically unstable, globalized, technologically exploding world than to…

Be your own boss.
Set your own hours.
Let professionals make your sales and fulfill your orders.

And begin racking up commissions in the $1000s, $3000s, $5000s or more.

Start switching to a better foundation today!

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Joseph Smith

Is Your Soul Wilting?

A friend of mine tells a story about his first experience with a gun.

He and his brother Tom were fooling around with a rifle in their uncle’s backyard…
(how’s that for a precarious start to a story!)

And Tom sets his sights on a tiny red ladybug
Sitting on a twiggy brown branch

So… he walks up within 6 inches of Lady Bug…
… squints his eyes real small…
… shuts out everything around him, and …


Not only did he completely miss the ladybug…
Tom shot straight through, and totally shattered, the window of the RV sitting 10 feet in front of him!

How in the world did he not see the RV sitting right in front of him?!

I guess some people can focus so intently on what’s right in front of them that they accidentally destroy big picture things that matter more.

I see so many people working for “the man,” just to make a lame, steady paycheck.

Meanwhile, not only are their souls wilting, but jobs don’t last forever anyway.

They’re going to be in a sorry spot when “life” happens.

Don’t be one of them.

Look at the big picture:

– Find work that will feed your soul
– Find work that will build you a solid financial base for when “life” inevitably happens
– Find work that will develop you professionally and qualify you for all sorts of new jobs, should you ever desire to switch

Click here, and let’s get started.



Joseph Smith

Bingo Will Never Be The Same

Bingo might be the most unsexy thing on the planet.

Most bingo games are played by kids or seniors, so it doesn’t exactly get people very excited. But one fire department changed that and bringing in some serious cash because of it.

The Hometown Volunteer Fire Company of Hometown, Pennsylvania used bingo nights to raise funds. But they were tired of raising the same amount of funds from the same people every night.

So they changed their bingo nights into” naughty” bingo nights. Instead of giving out cash or gift cards, the fire department is giving out “adult toys” to the winners.

You might think that since Bingo crowds are usually made up of older people that their attendance dropped off, but the exact opposite happened.

Their first event sold so many tickets that it was standing room only, and not only did they have people attend from their own county come who had never come before but they had people come from counties all around them and even New Jersey.

That’s the power of thinking outside the box.

Of course, if it was that easy to come up with something as great as naughty bingo, everyone would do it. Fortunately for you Matthew came up with a unique system that anyone can join and earn an online fortune with.

It’s called List leverage and it works so well that it earned him $51,373,000 in just 5 years. All List leverage affiliates have to do is place ads on sites like Craigslist and Facebook and let the commissions roll in. No long payment processing, no customer service. Don’t want to advertise than you can just send traffic to your link or business here.

Not too bad right? And you don’t even have to deal with the discomfort of watching your neighbors win adult toys.

If you want to take advantage of List leverage or just learn a little more, click bellow.

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Joseph Smith

The Business Lessons Of Ralphie Parker

There’s one Christmas movie that always sucker punches me right in the feels:

More popularly known as “A Christmas Story,” I like to call it “The Tragedy of Ralphie Parker.”

Ralphie is a classic cultural symbol of disappointment.

The stuff about the rifle is nowhere near as tragic as the subplot of the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.

Ralphie eats so much cereal
And watches the mail so patiently
And so obsessively works on the code all to reveal the (dumb) secret message:
“Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

I resonate with his disappointment on three levels.

1. Ralphie’s trust, expressed in working for the prize, is totally betrayed.
2. Their “decoder ring” was just a gimmick to get him to view their ad campaign.
3. It demonstrates the impersonal and self-serving nature of lots of management.

I think it affects me so much because even though that’s so common…

I’m convinced that work doesn’t have to work that way.

If you resonate with Ralphie, it may be time to work in a system that is directly designed to make you money.

No big business here. Just intense focus on you, your development, and your success.

Toss the ring and click here.



Joseph Smith

Make Your Income Like An Avalanche

We are into 2021, which means that most New Year’s resolutions have been forgotten and put on next years to do list.

Maybe you’re the exception, but most of us fail to follow through with our resolutions within a matter of months. Not for lack of trying, but most people simply do not prepare to follow through with their resolutions.

The #1 reason?

High expectations with low vision.

Losing weight and going to the gym is a great resolution, but most people find themselves in the same position every January 1st is. No reaches their ideal size and shape in a month. Not even two or three months is enough time to reach most weight loss goals.

And that means that for a least a few months, people think they are failing. They’ve put in the time and effort and have nothing to show for it so they give up or change their plan.

But avalanches don’t start out as massive rivers of rock and snow. First, they begin as tiny pieces of ice so small that we can barely see them. Enough of those add up and you get snow on the ground. Enough snow on the ground and you get an avalanche, and even that’s only in the right conditions.

Great events and changes are built upon tiny moments and decisions over long periods of time. No matter how small the choice may seem now, it could lead to something great.

For example, the link at the end of this email will take you to List leverage homepage where you’ll learn how you can earn thousands every week from you own computer. Clicking it won’t earn you a fortune or turn you into a millionaire next week, but it the first snowflake of what could turn into an avalanche of income.

If you have the vision to begin the journey, List leverage has the system to lead you to wealth.

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Joseph Smith