What Is The Difference Between Good And Lame Invitations

Do you like getting invitations?

I know, it probably depends on the invitation.

Some invitations are great:
–getting invited to join your friends’ fantasy baseball league
–going out to brunch with a group of other young moms
–a LAN party, dinner party, or class reunion
Other invitations are instant eye-roll triggers:
–causes you don’t believe in asking you for money
–door-to-door salesmen coming while you’re busy (or “busy”) at home
–a wedding invite from someone you barely knew in college who’s obviously casting a wide net to check boxes on her registry
What’s the difference?

Well, literally speaking, the heart of invitation is the word vita, or life.

So if you’re going to be a snob (which you totally should be), if it’s not life-giving, it doesn’t count as an in-vita-tion.

That said, here’s an invitation to a life-giving work system.

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Joseph Smith

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