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We Have Two Instincts, And This First One Is Waaay Stronger

We humans have two instincts, and one of them is way stronger than the other.

On one hand, we have an instinct to fit in.
To walk on the right side of the sidewalk…
to eat with the correct fork at a formal dinner.

In other words, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

On the other, we have an instinct to differentiate.
Not for the sake of being different, but because…
He who follows a miserable crowd becomes miserable!

And obviously, the first instinct is the far stronger one. But…

Differentiation equals success in saturated markets.

And the human race is a saturated market.

Listen, there are a lot of people trying to ooze out extra cash here & there by…
– not tipping their waitress
– selling kitchen appliances on Craigslist
– “forgetting their wallet” when the group goes out


So hear me well when I say, “Don’t be a Roman. When in Rome… just do something different!”

List leverage has a fool-proof blueprint for setting up a passive income stream of commissions in the $1000s, $5000s, $9000s or more.

You could inch your way forward by being rude… or bound ahead with us!

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Joseph Smith

I Wrote You A Parable About Navigating Our Economy

I want to tell you a parable about work.

One day, a CNN reporter covered a story on the difficulty of finding work in 21st century America.

Three friends had watched it together, huddled around the Democrat’s iPad mini: a Republican, a Democrat, and Laura. (We never quite figured out what Laura was… she didn’t talk much…)

The Republican stood up halfway through, pointed his finger at his friends, and said, “If poor people would just bend their backs and work hard, they could stop complaining about privilege problems and just enjoy their lives.”

The Democrat, offended, pointed out, “While that’s okay in theory, do you have any idea about what kinds of barriers prevent willing and able people from accessing the work opportunities that privileged people like you have?”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The Republican shot back, “In the meantime, your welfare program is stopping them from working.”

The Democrat: “No, their unfair background is stopping them from working.”

Why don’t they get their act together and apply for jobs?”

“They can’t apply for jobs.”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The two went on for days, arguing about which forces were preventing people from working.

Meanwhile, Lori thought to herself: “I’m no economist, and I’m no philosopher. I don’t know what’s preventing people from finding work. I’m grateful that all I need to start my own business through List leverage is access to a computer.”

By the end of the week, the two were no closer to reaching an agreement. But Lori had already made two sales.

Moral of the story: Leave the big-picture questions to the pundits, and do work when you have it. Be a Lori.

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Joseph Smith

You Ever Seen An Online Swimming Course?

I’ve never heard of an online course in swimming.

No, you learn to swim by swimming.

Not by reading books and not by watching Michael Phelps slither up and down the length of the pool.

You’ve got to get wet.

At List leverage, we value your time and your life too much to sell you DVDs
… make passive aggressive pitches during info webinars
… or try to win you over by being fake-nice.

Here’s what we have instead:

– A completely hands-on, step-by-step program proven to generate commissions in the $1000s, $5000s, or $9000s
– Expert coaches who will throw you into the deep end… and jump in with you to help you swim.
– The lowest maintenance administrative support staff out there. It’s like having 6 personal secretaries taking care of all of your busywork.

Don’t trust an educator who’s never “gotten wet.”

Click below to join an List leverage network that’s not only done their time in the pool, but is also making it rain.

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Joseph Smith

He’s Guy Everyone Loves To Hate

He’s the guy everyone loves to hate:

You know, the guy at the campfire who only knows two songs.

Somehow, every time, without fail, he manages to get his hands on a guitar.

And everyone’s eyes begin to roll [down like miiighty wah-tuhs!]

And he starts playing the only two songs he knows: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, or Free Fallin’ by John Mayer.

It’s not that any of us don’t appreciate good music—we do. It’s just that the same two tricks from the Two Trick Pony get old… fast…

At List leverage, we have applied the hundred-year-old science of marketing at sales to the e-business industry.

No gimmicks, no fads, no trendy ideas. Just time-tested, proven money-making methods.

Generate commissions in the $1000s, $5000s, $9000s, or more!

Are you going to learn how to apply timeless principles to a modern industry, or stay a Two Trick Pony?

(I mean… the campfire awaits.)

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Joseph Smith

What’s Your Learning Style?

What’s your learning style?

According to the bald-heads whose job it is to make up “theories of education,” these are the big three:
Auditory (hearing)…
Visual (seeing)…

Kinesthetic (you’d rather play games than do homework)

Gurus will try to sell you their podcasts and seminars (Auditory)
Others will try to sell you their books (Visual)
And the worst of them will make you jump through all sorts of hoops (does that count as Kinesthetic?)

The List leverage philosophy of education is simple:

You master marketing by marketing products with masters.

Would you rather your educators be experts at giving interactive, entertaining lectures…

… Or experts at moving products and making reliable money?

That’s our learning style.

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Joseph Smith

Why You Need To Move Your Car Right Now!

Last summer, I got yelled at by a man driving a yellow truck.

I was about to go on a hike to clear my head when a Park Services vehicle came up and yelled, “You’d better move your car real fast!”

Confused, I asked him why.

In response, he pointed to the spot on the side of the road where I had just parked, and he said, “We had a rock slide just yesterday. And you know rockslides… It starts with the rain, and then mud, and then one rock falls…

“and another…

“and soon the whole sucker’s crushed and buried in dirt.”

Not wanting that to happen to my car, I politely thanked him and moved to a different spot.

The man’s story about the rockslides reminded me what important work we’re in at List leverage.

Everyone’s financial ruin—except a few unlucky people who have it all taken away in one fell swoop—begin with a little rain, and then mud, and then one rock falls… and another… and so on.

It happens when we least expect it, and no one seems to be prepared.

But why wait?

The rain’s coming, and you’d better move your car.

What I mean is, working a 9-to-5 job on a fixed income makes it difficult to save that buffer you need for when the rockslide begins.

With List leverage, there’s no ceiling. And with 4 clear, time-tested, money-making steps, you can make as much as you put in.

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Joseph Smith

Ship Station…Is A Cute Company

Ship Station will do one thing for you.

In their new, peppy ad campaign, Ship Station promises to assist you in designing and printing mailing labels and in calculating postage.

As if running to the Post Office was the one thing stopping people from entering the online business industry…

I mean, it’s cute. But it’s small.

List leverage will not only fulfill all of your product orders ourselves, but we will…
– create three money streams of income for you to promote
– develop a slick sales funnel for your leads
– make all of your phone sales
– design your website
– coach you through our money-making plan
– handle every single one of your customers needs
– maintain and develop an encouraging and challenging community of like-minded business owners

You’ve been ready to take a deep breath and take the first step toward financial peace and a relaxed schedule for a long time.

Ship Station, if you had even heard of them, hasn’t sold you.

But I wish you luck finding a more proven, more comprehensive offer than this.

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==> Three Income Money Streams

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Joseph Smith

Let Me Tell You A Story About Passive Income

I think the number one reason more people aren’t in the online business industry is that they don’t understand what a passive income stream is.

Lucky you. You’re about to read a story about what it is.

Making passive income is like babysitting:

“Okay Jenny, Mr. Wright and I are heading out. Kids are upstairs, sleeping. Feel free to put on a movie, do some homework, or anything you’d like, and we’ll be back by 11:00.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing more I can do? You’re paying me $12 an hour for each of your boys… and that’s $24 an hour. Surely I could clean your kitchen or something?”

“No, no, that’s quite alright. Only… I’ve just now thought of it. Christina called me this morning and said she couldn’t find a sitter.”

“That makes sense. Tonight’s the homecoming game, and most kids my age are either playing in it, or cheering at it.”

“Well, we have a spare room upstairs. Would you mind if her three girls came over and crashed for a few hours?”

“It’s all the same to me, I suppose. If I’m just here watching a movie, three more kids is no real difference. Heck, I could ‘watch’ even more than that.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you said that, because Erin just texted me to ask if her Siamese triplets could also spend the night… But don’t worry, she’ll pay you for all three individually.”

“But Mrs. Wright, supervising eight sleeping kids is no more work than supervising two. Wha–?”

“Good, so we’re agreed. Eight kids… $12 an hour… four hours… When I get back tonight I’ll write you a check for $384.”

Dumbfounded, Jenny flicked on the movie and thought to herself, “You know, maybe I will spring for extra toppings and cinnamon sticks this time.”

You can build your own business to replace your job, supplement your job, or as an alternative to looking for a new job.

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Joseph Smith